I never thought in all my life I’d see a presidential election with people who publicly and with cameras running make such remarkable declarations. But after four years of Obama stirring this pot, I guess I can’t be surprised. In addition to betraying and impverishing this nation, these are the kind of people Obama’s been encouraging. If nothing else encourages you to get out there, look at who the Obama campaign is relying on. For our sake and every single Obama supporter out there, we must get Romney elected in November. These people and everyone else is doomed to the ravages of economic collapse if we don’t. (First two videos HT to Weasel Zippers).

This guy believes that Ambassador Chris Stevens “had it coming” and that the economy is now better that when Obama was elected.

This Ohio woman supports Obama because she got the “Obama phone.” Lord knows if it really was an “Obama Phone” it would never get answered.

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters 2012

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  1. trevy says:

    OH!!! MAH!!!! GOODNESS!!!!

    And these people can vote! And breed!

  2. NeverSurrender says:

    Looks like Obama’s logo can’t stand the heat in the Romney kitchen.

  3. Squirrel says:

    The guy in the top video would not know how to use toilet paper without a government program to assist him. With his intellect, he probably is not
    capable of ever earning enough money to become a taxpayer, so he will never have to worry about tax increases. Just my gut speaking. Is this proof of our failing
    public school system? I think so. Obama’s re-election depends on absolute ignorance. If this seems cruel, it is just my frustration knowing what this level of ignorance cost the rest of us who work hard and are responsible.

  4. Squirrel says:

    To the phone lady moonbat, I’m voting for Romney so I can get a Romney phone.

  5. Dave says:

    Kind of off topic, maybe not…..
    I walked into my friends house today,
    and after a while went to use his bathroom,
    he had Obama toilet paper! ..his face pictured on each sheet smiling…..It was hysterical. ;-P

  6. Sailing_J says:

    The Howard Stern clip is hilarious and sad… but the mood I’m in now, it’s fn hilarious.

  7. midget says:

    I cant believe that guy said that about his fellow democrat Amb Stevens.I’m sure the right would never wish evil on their enemies.We should find that village that raised these idiots and send it to Gitmo, maybe they’d start appreciating the way Americans treat their foes.

    • Cernunnos81 says:

      Gitmo’s too good for ’em Midget. And the Village of which you speak is a joint venture between Department of Education and the NEA with the help of the ACLU and NAMBLA <–(not really, but it could happen!!!) But yeah, DoEd, NEA, ACLU… these are the culprits. WWII style POW camps would be my suggestion, the British model as opposed to the Japanese model. Barracks rooms, no flush toilets, they get the hose once a week whether they need it or not, but they get the new School Lunch menues that they have instituted.

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