Now that Scott Brown has said he’s not running for John Kerry’s open seat, the GOP is scrambling. Very often it seems to me the wife of the candidate is the person who should be running, as with last year’s presidential run. I think this is a great idea and hope she’d have the energy and inclination to do so. I’m curious to see what you think.

Massachusetts Republicans are desperately scrambling to find a strong Senate candidate to replace Scott Brown, with some even trying to persuade Mitt Romney’s wife or son to jump into the race to avert another electoral disaster.

Update: Tagg, you’re it for GOP Senate hopes

The former GOP senator’s decision to stay out of the June 25 special election surprised and angered some Republican leaders, who said it will make it much harder to beat a Democratic opponent without Brown on the ballot.

“I’ve had several people call me and ask about Ann Romney,” Ron Kaufman, a longtime friend and aide to the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate nominee, told the Herald.

Ann Romney’s inspiring battle against multiple sclerosis and her star turn on the GOP convention stage turned her into a popular national figure, especially among women voters in Massachusetts.

“That would be a very interesting thing. I would certainly love her to think about something like that,” said House Minority Leader Bradley Jones (R-North Reading).

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  1. Patricia says:

    Yes, please Ann Romney RUN! Someone we can back without reservation would be like a breath of fresh air. How can we encourage her?

  2. Chuck says:

    Of course. Certainly, she cannot be worse than Jean Carnahan, Claire McCaskill, or Lieawatha.

  3. TX Soldier254 says:

    I say YES, why the hell not?

  4. Cathode Rays says:

    But be careful what you wish for! I’m guessing more than few people have had it with the Kennedy/Bush dynamic.

  5. movemagicstory says:

    We need to break away from electing people within the political/corporate establishment when at all possible; especially with regard to milquetoast Republicans. With that said, of course, she’d be better than any viable Democrat candidate. You remember, she wouldn’t be associated with “new media” or most of talk radio in the last election. That ought to tell us something about her political instincts. Would she vote with a “gang of however many” or with the 7 to 10 bona fide conservatives in the Senate?

  6. Mark America says:

    I wonder how we will ever complain again about the likes of Hillary Clinton seeking a Senate seat despite a complete lack of legislative experience to recommend her, who would have had exactly no claim to fame if she had not been the FLOTUS. I have serious reservations about the notion that because one is famous, we can overlook a serious lack of qualifications for office on the basis of a political calculation about one’s perceived ability to win. What experience does Ann Romney have to offer? I find this insulting in exactly the same sense that Al Franken can run for and ultimately be seated as a Senator from Minnesota(even ignoring the rampant fraud in the recounts) simply because he is famous.

    I don’t want to be ruled by celebrities, left OR right. I would rather pick a name from a phone-book.

  7. ShArKy666 says:

    i like ann & i’m sure she’d be better than most, however i don’t think (maybe i’m wrong) that she’s got much constitutional knowledge, or if her vote would be any better than any other liberal from the northeast. i wish she’d pledge to READ the constitution & stand by the oath she’d need to take if she ever won such an important office.

  8. […] And for the president, using a pre-Super Bowl interview to pass judgment on the Scouts and their policy will have consequences too. Particularly when it comes to his laundry list of liberal political priorities Obama sure has done a lot of “evolving” on gay issues in the past year, hasn’t he? Joel Pollack: Obama’s gratuitous attack on the Boy Scouts: You don’t have to support the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay scoutmasters to be alarmed that President Barack Obama thinks that topic is an appropriate area for intervention or comment. NY Democrat Allegedly Falsified $67,000 in Travel Expenses: New York State Assemblyman William F. Boyland, Jr., already under federal indictment for bribery, now stands accused of falsifying more than $67,000 in travel expenses over a five year period.  According to the Times Union, Boyland filed false claims on 609 out of the 975 days that he requested travel reimbursements during that time span. The State Comptroller’s Office has declined to make the report public, and Albany County District Attorney David Soares, a Democrat, has still failed to take action against Boyland, despite specific requests from colleagues in the Assembly Should Ann Romney Run for Senate in Massachusetts? Answer==> Yes! […]

  9. ancientwrrior says:

    I say YES, she looked like the more capable one of the Romney’s when her hubby was running for the pres. I have had ENOUGH of professional politicians mucking up everything so they can have power and prestige. A plain old ordinary citizen like her appeals to me; that’s where a federal office holder was meant to come from, NOT from the elites of politics.

  10. Dave says:

    That lovely lady would be an excellent Senator for any state.

  11. Pat_S says:

    Lord knows the GOP needs more Senate seats. If they could add one with an Ann Romney candidacy then go for it. She’s a nice lady who isn’t a Democrat, but there should be no expectation she would align with any tea party bloc. The Romneys are moderates. Ann may even harbor resentment toward the populist base and, like the GOP establishment, blame the 2012 loss on “the fringe”. She would work with the establishment against the tea party.

    • tamcat says:

      Unfortunately I agree with you. At this point, Conservatives do not have a viable candidate to run for that Senate seat, unless their is another Ted Cruz out there. Maybe Ann is the best we could hope for in Mass.

    • movemagicstory says:

      Indeed. So, in that regard, we are back to the same problem we’ve had for 40 plus years… A Republican majority in the Senate that will do nothing to impede the growth in scope of and, hence growth in spending by the federal government. The GOP opened the tent to, or have been infested by too many liberals and former Democrats who only changed political parties; not their philosophy on the role of self-government. I am jaded on the prospect of a GOP majority when time after time most of them vote with a Progressive mindset.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    Run baby- RUN!

  13. FrankRemley says:

    No more Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Kennedys, or Romneys. I say definitely not. And why does that old song by Bill Hailey and the Comets entitled “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” keep popping into my head about now?

  14. yayii says:

    Answer-no. They need to just go away enjoy their lives.

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