Once again Obama is going to ignore our system of checks and balances to move his socialist agenda forward and appease the loony left.  In a speech to be presented at Georgetown University today, Obama will announce he’s issuing a presidential memorandum to implement regulations to combat…Climate Change!  338 memorandums have been issued by this President so far; this will make it 339.

From FoxNews:

President Obama will announce Tuesday he is planning to sidestep Congress to implement a national plan to combat climate change that will include the first-ever federal regulations on carbon dioxide emitted by existing power plants, despite adamant opposition from Republicans and some energy producers.

In a speech at Georgetown University Tuesday, Obama will announce he’s issuing a presidential memorandum to implement the regulations, meaning none of the steps involved in the plan will require congressional approval.

In addition, Obama will say he is directing his administration to allow enough renewables on public lands to power 6 million homes by 2020, effectively doubling the capacity from solar, wind and geothermal projects on federal property.

Obama also was to announce $8 billion in federal loan guarantees to spur investment in technologies that can keep carbon dioxide produced by power plants from being released into the atmosphere.

In taking action on his own, Obama is also signaling he will no longer wait for lawmakers to act on climate change, and instead will seek ways to work around them.

The linchpin of Obama’s plan, and the step activists say will have the most dramatic impact, involves limits on carbon emissions for new and existing power plants. The Obama administration has already proposed controls on new plants, but those controls have been delayed and not yet finalized.

Tuesday’s announcement will be the first public confirmation that Obama plans to extend carbon controls to coal-fired power plants that are currently pumping heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    New Dept. of Energy Secretary Moniz picked the President of the Union of Concerned Scientists to be his Chief of Staff.


  2. Shifra says:

    Great pic, Patricia. And it gives me a good idea for Bronco ‘Bama’s next career move, when he completes his task of transforming the USA into another failed European socialist country: Posing on cereal boxes of King Vitamin!

  3. ShArKy says:

    we have GOT to throw this damn freak out on his sorry ass ASAP. the destruction is just unimaginable.

  4. Pat_S says:

    Why should America pay attention to what he says? Nobody else does.

    Even he doesn’t listen to himself.

    Obama vs. Obama on Coal Production

  5. IloiloKano says:

    It’s good to be king.

  6. Dave says:

    It has become tragic comedy. Laugh clown laugh.

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