I just thought I’d be blunt about it. Here’s the latest news about the Great Hosing.Please add your comments, thoughts and experienced. I know many of you have already received your premium increase or cancellation notices. And perhaps you’ve come across othe rimportan news to share. Please do so in this thread.

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Yes, getting rid of ObamaCare is going to be difficult, but we’ve faced worse problems. Never forget, American actually changed the Constitution to ban alcohol. We managed to repeal that, and we’ll repeal this simple “law” as well. In the meantime, this is an invaluable learning experience, not only about how DC works, but about the so-called Ruling Elite. Information is power, don’t let them pretend this isn’t happening or sweep the disaster under the rug.



Action! Twitter handles of key senators here==> Melt Their Mentions – The Senate Must Act to Defund ObamaCare

Fox: One man’s ObamaCare nightmare

Bloomberg: “More demand may lead to months-long waits to see doctors, delays in finding specialists, & strains on hospitals”

NYT: Lower Health Insurance Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices

Breitbart: McConnell, Cornyn Whipping Votes Against Ted Cruz


Maynard’s note:

For the record, here’s the graph of the previous 95 months of my personal health insurance premium. This is a high-deductible (and thus a relatively low-cost) plan from Anthem; it protects me against disasters but leaves me to pay ordinary expenses out of my pocket. The blue arrow indicates the passage of the “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. Subsequent to that law, my premiums have almost doubled over a 3-year period (from $164 to $300, and then — oddly — a drop by $16 to $284, for which Obama took another victory lap). Contrast this to the first 2 years on my chart, with an increase from $139 to $159, or about 14%. With every increase after Obamacare passed, I’ve received a letter from Anthem citing the expenses involved in meeting the requirements of Obamare. I’m posting this here because I think my experience is typical. This is why employers are dropping coverage, and those of us who aren’t getting paid for by Uncle Sugar are scrambling. In a sane world, the real-world impact of this “Affordable Care Act” would be a major news story, and not a FoxNews exclusive, with some help from the blogosphere. Anyone still supporting Obamacare simply doesn’t understand what’s being done to us.

Maynard Insurance

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  1. Chuck says:

    My premiums have risen 60% in two years, and I’m in good health. That says it all.

    • Shifra says:

      In one of most repulsively craven and vicious projections ever, the Congressional Black Caucus says that opposition to Obamacare is rooted in “ignorance and racism.”

      That too, says it all.


      • Kitten says:

        Well, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. That was unbelievably racist and ignorant. I would say first of all, most of these people (like most of America) have no clue what this law is about and how it is going to affect them. They were all fed the same meme to repeat whenever anybody had anything bad to say about OBummer’s policies: RAACCISSTTT! Lord help us. You’d think we were still in chains, and families were being sold off to work the fields listening to this. It sickens me to hear this constant complaining about how the white man wanna keep you down. The black man in office is holding your outstretched hand over an open flame, and you still say “It’s gonna get better in a minute cuz I’ll have healthcare.” Yeah, well…good luck with that!

  2. Dr. Tar says:

    Dr. Tar

    We have had two very interesting reports from the WI Commissioner of Insurance this month. The first was an estimate of premium increases across the state. The overall average increase was 51.22 %. The lowest rate increase was a modest 9.72 % for a 63-year-old in Kenosha, Wis. The highest increase was an eye popping
    124.85 % for a 21-year-old in Madison.

    The second report was on the number of providers that would be on the exchanges by county. Basically, 13 counties in the state will have only 1 provider on the exchange and that includes the county I live in and those surrounding.



    Another 17 counties will have only 2 providers on the exchanges. So much for price competition.

    BTW: Any chance Tammy might put the 1st hour of yesterday’s program in a pod cast open to the public? I ask because she did such an excellent job of defining the nature of the restriction to health care that is going to arise due to Obamacare. I’d like to recommend it to other people and it might be a nice way to interest more people to become subscribers.

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi Dr. Tar, thanks for commenting. Yes, good idea to post my comments as public from the other day. Will do.

    And Maynard, thanks for the graph. As you and everyone else knows, I think this is only going to get worse. While liberals and ObamaBots have been willfully ignoring the disaster that’s about to hit us, it will be undeniable once Oct 1 hits. It looks like most people have received the dreaded insurance company letter already warning them about increased premiums and changes in access. You’ll notice Rep Peter King of NY is all for ObamaCare. Why? New York is one of about 6 states that will see their premiums reduced. Such short-sightedness on his part. How well does he think NY is going to do when the rest of the country is going down the drain economically.

    I know this is bad news, but we must stay focused and make sure we make the changes we need in 2014 in order to reverse. And it IS reversible.

    • Alain41 says:

      Peter King’s short-sightedness is horribly bad. NY health ins. premiums are going down, for the first year. Can’t lose sight that these premiums are only guesses. 2nd year premiums based on experience will be more realistic. NY’s ins. premiums will end up like everyone else, once it’s factored in that young people don’t join, businesses dump more people into exchange, people notice that health savings accounts are limited to $2,500, etc. And that doesn’t factor in, doctors leaving, emergency rooms closing, etc.

  4. Maynard says:

    I’ve already outed myself as a “defunding denier”. FWIW, the [sarcasm] notorious RINO [/sarcasm] Thomas Sowell has published an article, “The Defunding Distraction”.

    …By making a futile and foredoomed attempt to defund Obamacare, Congressional Republicans have created the distraction that Obama so much needs. Already media attention has shifted to the possibility of a government shutdown.

    Politically, it doesn’t matter that the Republicans are not really trying to shut down the government. What matters is that this distraction solves Barack Obama’s political problems that he could not possibly have solved by himself.

    Should Obamacare be defunded? Absolutely. It is an economic disaster and will be a medical disaster, as well as destroying the Constitution’s protections of American citizens from the unbridled power of the federal government.

    For that matter, President Obama deserves to be impeached for arbitrarily waiving laws he doesn’t like, in defiance of his oath of office and the Constitution’s separation of powers…

    Read the full article to see Sowell’s logic.

    We need to pick and choose our battles. We march when circumstances favor our victory. This isn’t the battle we want to have. We’ll do better if, after having made some noise (and I thank Ted Cruz for that!), we step back from the brink. Obamacare is a catastrophe, and Obama needs to own it.

    The Democrats, knowing of the impending train wreck, are attempting to float the narrative that the failure of Obamacare came about due to Republican obstructionism, rather than from its inherent dysfunctional rottenness. As more and more people see Obamacare fail, they need to remember who tried to save them. Then maybe we can do something.

  5. pamelarice says:

    A tip of the hat to Maynard for the graph above. I’m not nearly organized enough to do that, but my “checkbook” is a graph unto itself. I too have the high deductible, everything else is paid out of my Health Savings account insurance. Thankfully I am grandfathered in, but my premiums have more than doubled in the past 3 1/2 years (%25 last year alone). I have always been very healthy and just had my “woman” doctor. Now that I think I am in need of an Internist I am having trouble finding a Doctor that is accepting new patients. When I finally do find a doc that is taking on patients I fear what the quality of care will be. Plus when the premiums go up again, I may be forced, out of economic necessity, to go to the exchange. Thanks Obama and liberals of all political persuasions. Welcome to the brave new world.

  6. Chuck says:

    Via Michelle Malkin (and libertariangirlfreedom from Facebook), this graphic is very telling!

    I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his healthcare scam

  7. Maynard says:

    As I write this, it is a few minutes before 3 AM Pacific (that’s 6 AM Eastern), Tuesday evening in my mind, but technically Wednesday morning. I went to C-Span and clicked through to the live feed from the Senate. And there’s Sen. Ted Cruz, speaking firmly and eloquently about the disaster that is Obamacare, and the damage it is doing and will continue to do to the heartland. This is hugely impressive. Cruz speaks in terms of a real-world moral framework. He doesn’t equivocate or apologize, but he makes his points without rancor. There is an aura of his manner that suggests, as with Ronald Reagan, that you can have a conversation with this man. He isn’t trying to alienate or make enemies (this in contrast to Obama, who makes a point of being divisive).

    I mostly see empty chairs in the Senate chambers, but I’ve watched Cruz yield to “questions” from Sen. Mike Lee (of Utah) and Sen. Marco Rubio. This is something of a game, in that the questions are really an excuse by friends to give Cruz a few minutes of relief. Mike Lee told a long anecdote about eating at a salad bar, and finding one of the food items to be rancid and should be removed. But when he told a restaurant employee, that person shrugged and said she didn’t work the salad bar. This employee indifference became a metaphor for the way Washington deals with complaints from the heartland.

    And now it’s after 3 AM, and Cruz’s ongoing “question” is cheering for the American dream, and warning that it’s slipping away.

    I’ve questioned the wisdom of this effort. But I’ve got to hand it to Cruz. And give a few points to his relief team.

    This is touching stuff. What can I say? God bless America. And God guide America.

  8. Maynard says:

    Wow, Rubio just made a poetic analogy. He spoke of how Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the Star Spangled Banner after seeing the flag raised over Fort McHenry after a night of bombardment. That’s a touching lyric that always sends a chill down my spine. Then Rubio said how the flag flies over the Senate while the Senate is in session. And he said he had come here in the pre-dawn hours, and thus would not expect to see the flag flying. But there it was. And, seeing the flag flying, Rubio knew the Senate was still in session. That Cruz was holding the fort, just as the defenders of Fort McHenry had once done.

  9. […] him still speaking — still railing against Obamacare and the Progressives on the Left. On Tammy Bruce, I heard him read “Green Eggs and Ham” from Dr. Seuss to his daughters on the air […]

  10. […] him still speaking — still railing against Obamacare and the Progressives on the Left. On Tammy Bruce, I heard him read “Green Eggs and Ham” from Dr. Seuss to his daughters on the air […]

  11. Ruthie56 says:

    I have visited the healthcare.gov site several times just to see what it offers. They call the “penalty” (or “tax”) or “fee” you will pay if you do not have health insurance, get this, the “Individual Shared Responsibility Payment”. Wow, that is a govt mouthful. I was very pleased however to see that I not only have “birth control rights” under the new law, but also “breastfeeding rights”. Wow, I guess 60 is the new 40. I feel so much better now.

  12. Ruthie56 says:

    By the way, the ISRP (Individual Shared Responsibility Payment) is 1% of your gross income or $95 (whichever is higher) in 2014 and increases to 2.5% of gross income or $695 (whichever is higher) in 2016. That math won’t work my way for sure.

  13. angelaisms says:

    As an Army wife, I haven’t had the same problems with increasing premiums and/or retiring doctors that many others have. But as of last week, I am now literally making medical decisions based partly on whether or not I want the IRS having that particular information on me. And I sincerely doubt that, at the end of the day, I will be alone in making that a part of my decision-making process.

  14. Alain41 says:


    Missouri health exchange insurer excludes Children’s Hospital from its list of approved hospitals. Probably because; It’s for the Children. Or was it; You have to pass it to find out what’s in it (or not).

  15. MaryVal says:

    I tried an Obamacare premium calculator this a.m. to see what the premiums would be for a mid-range plan (no specifics on coverage, deductibles, or out of pocket expenses of course, because nobody knows). Our yearly premiums under Ocare would be $12,700. No subsidies. We’re in limbo here. We were notified that premiums for our present plan were to double in August; pay ASAP or you’re cancelled. Since then, no bills arrived, no further word from the insurance carrier. The company, the union, and the insurance carrier are all fighting about the medical insurance plan. You can no longer speak to a real person when you call the insurance company, it’s all an endless loop of non-applicable recorded selections that don’t answer your questions. This company won’t speak to their customers, at all. We have insurance through my retired husband’s previous employer — better coverage, lower premiums. We’re waiting to see if they will boot all the retirees and drop their health coverage. We would have to switch to my employer’s policy — more expensive, less coverage, may also be dropped. Waiting for the shoe to drop.

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