They can mask this in whatever rhetoric they want, but what we’re seeing here, and in so many other instances, is the effort of the left to wipe Christianity from the public sphere. And it breaks my heart to say it, but shame on the “Jewish War Veterans of the United States.” We know the ACLU is petty, but for “local residents” and a veterans group to engage in the absurdity of challenging a cross at a memorial is beyond the pale. Actually, this doesn’t sound like something a Jewish group would do. It is a community which, after all, knows the costs of attempts to erase a religion from view. I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes from one or two people who, in league with the ACLU, are pursuing their own agenda.

Via UT San Diego.

A San Diego federal judge made a reluctant ruling Thursday that the cross atop Mount Soledad is unconstitutional, although the chances of the La Jolla monument coming down anytime soon are unlikely.

The latest ruling by U.S. District Judge Larry Burns will likely send the case back to the U.S. Supreme Court. The high court declined to hear the case last year, but said it could reconsider once a lower court enters a final judgment.

Burns ordered the cross to be removed within 90 days, and then stayed that order until all appeals have been exhausted.

Both sides on Thursday called the latest ruling a victory, for different reasons.

“After 23 years, if you can’t come to a reasonable resolution, you’ve got a constitutional violation and you have to remedy it,” said attorney James McElroy, who has fought to remove the cross for several years.

On the other hand, cross supporters say this ruling moves them closer to getting the case reviewed once and for all by the Supreme Court.

“I’m somewhat upbeat about this. Believe me, we’ve had darker days,” said one of the opposing lawyers, Charles LiMandri, president and chief counsel of Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund…

In 2006, the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, as well as local residents, filed a lawsuit objecting to the display of the cross on federal property. The American Civil Liberties Union is helping represent the organization…

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  1. Dave says:

    I think the veterans should stand around the cross and lock arms when they come to demolish it. Just to see what they’d do next.

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