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Is the GOP deliberately trying to sabotage the 2014 midterms?

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  1. naga5 says:

    well done, tammy. i would also add that california repubs are the model for secure failure. one example would be redistricting. have you seen california’s districting map? cali repubs have agreed to a permanent minority status. they are in safe gerrymandered districts that guarantee reelection but have neither political clout to change anything nor the responsibility to be accountable to principles of freedom. they can collect the paycheck but can complain that they are too powerless to fight against big government. sounds like the “but we’re only half of a third of government” cry from house repubs, right?

  2. strider says:

    The cave dwellers working on it must have thought it was to be the GOP repose.

  3. Kitten says:

    Great read Tammy. Thank Goodness you have this forum to get out the ind.cons. message. How else can you explain the GOP’s propensity to screw a good thing up? They had the opportunity to beat Obama in 2008 but they didn’t go after his history and inexperience. They had the chance to beat him again in 2012 but they didn’t go after him on Benghazi, and again they lost. And now amnesty, and a year of “action” working together with Obama? Hello, this is an election year! Hamhead Rove and his good ol boys are working overtime with the RNC to cook up yet another defeat for the GOP, while declaring war on the Tea Party. Well, their defeat has to be our victory this year by sending as many conservatives to Washington as possible.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Excellent column. I especially like the final two paragraphs concluding in the last sentence. Hope people read through to the end and Change away from amnesty. Talking to you Repub.e. Either, Hope and Change to support the American people or Dopes will get Exchanged. Stay true to your oath of office and to America by dropping all 2014 immigration reform.

  5. TX Soldier254 says:

    In a word, Yes.

    The GOP has become just another corrupt POLITICAL INSTITUTION.

  6. Rob_W says:

    Self-preservation is the GOP agenda. Just as a corporation takes a poison pill to prevent a hostile takeover (which might be in the best interests of its shareholders), the GOP fears Tea Party’s authentic conservative engine enough to sacrifice an election. They know they could win with Tea Party, but the cost is too great. It would mean a reversal of their political class power. They watched Sarah Palin defeat the party cronies in Alaska.

    As Tammy considers in her conclusion, the GOP leadership neither understands nor believes in the conservative ideal. Their group think deludes them into believing GOP-amnesty will win over the Hispanic voters while destroying Tea Party at the same time. This attitude is nothing new considering the treatment of Goldwater and Reagan.

    Thank you, Tammy for taking the lead in this discussion. This article will no doubt get people thinking, asking questions, and demanding answers.

  7. RuBegonia says:

    Here’s an audio clip of Tammy’s followup interview with Andy Parks on *Live From The Washington Times* ☞

  8. Dekamica says:

    Kudos, Tammy. Awesome article! I loved everything you had to say, but my absolute favorite paragraph was:

    “Bottom line: Americans are pretty much hating everyone in Washington, specifically because of the astounding disconnect between the political class and regular people, highlighted by a president who lies to them, Democrats who cover for him and Republicans who are allowing the disaster to proceed without serious confrontation.”

    Thank you for being the person who finally took notice of the elephant in the room – Obama being a flat out, bold faced, liar and Republicans too afraid, or unwilling, to confront him. Great read…It was nice to see my viewpoint out there, for a change, and not what the GOP machine wants people to believe.

  9. flaggman says:

    Tammy, you are so bang-on with this. Like Naga mentioned about California Republicans, the same thing has occurred here in Ontario with our so-called conservative party. I know many insiders of the party and have confirmed this is true: the party is run by a consultant class that cares not about ideology of any kind, but simply comes out of Political Science school and applies for jobs with whatever party will hire them. The ones who work for the minority party are the ones who couldn’t get a job with the majority party. But a job is what they have, and they’re comfortable doing it, which is being in the Office of the Official Opposition and Officially Complaining about the party in power, without doing a damned thing about it. Our province is being run by an Obama-like slippery atheist lesbian communist right now, and our conservatives have done nothing to stop her. Nothing! And when you talk to them about it, they don’t expect to be able to do anything about her, either. It’s cowardice and confusion and it lets us all down. But they don’t care. They get paid.

  10. ancientwrrior says:

    The fix is in, toe the party line. Here are your talking papers (ala McMorris), follow it completely, deviate from it at your peril. All of these buffoons in Washington are nothing but puppets to those that pull their strings. Go against them at your risk. The string pullers are no better than the Mob using coercion and more to hold on to their power behind the throne, and they will do anything (ANYTHING) to hold that power.

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