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Normally, I might have some empathy for Brian Williams; he has been publicly humiliated, and has lost his standing as a respected news anchor.

But we do not live in normal times, not with a POTUS who draws a moral equivalence between ISIS and Christianity, and who is passive with our enemies and passive-aggressive with the GOP.

Although I rarely watch any MSM news shows, I do remember catching a segment on NBC, in June, ’09, that I had found troubling:

Brian Williams, over a period of several days, had aired a two-hour special about the new president and his life in the White House.

At the end of the last segment, I was shocked when Williams, saying goodbye, bowed to Obama.

Via Newsbusters: The Worst of Brian Williams: Marking His 10 Years as Anchor of NBC Nightly News

Brian Williams marks ten years as anchor of NBC Nightly News on Tuesday night and it’s been a decade full of absurdly softball interviews with Barack Obama and trashing of Republicans and Tea Partiers….

Brian Williams: “About this president. The very idea of this man, this product of Kenya and Kansas by way of Hawaii and Asia, as our 44th president is still so very new. And he is so different from all the men who’ve gone before him. People react strongly to this president. We’ve seen people moved to tears after just the briefest encounter with him…Now it is First Family time and time for us to say goodnight. Mr. President that’s your elevator. Thank you sir, have a good evening. (Bows)
Barack Obama: Appreciate it very much. Thank you very much Brian.

Good riddance, Brian Williams…


Daily Caller – Chuck Todd: Brian Williams ‘Mortified’ After Recanting False Iraq War Story

Fox News – Report raises questions about Brian Williams’ Katrina experience claims

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  1. midget says:

    I really wish I hadn’t eaten breakfast before I saw this, Now the whole day’s shot to hell. Shifra you’ve gotta wait till after lunch.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Awful. I’m guessing that Williams asked about basketball-life balance because it was obvious that Obama had the golf-life balance down (sarc off). At the end of the interview, Obama shook William’s hand and then clapped him on the shoulder twice. That’s the Obama, I’m your parent tucking you into bed at night, action. You don’t have to work at infringing on freedom of the press when it bows to you.

  3. Kitten says:

    I have NEVER understood the glassy-eyed, fawning *worship* of this fraud POTUS. Well, another drooling, liberal minion bites the dust. Good.

  4. Maynard says:

    “Brian Williams will be fine,” Andy Levy, a Fox News commentator, wrote on Twitter. “If he can survive being hit by an R.P.G., he can survive this.”

  5. Dr. H says:

    Here’s part of an interview where he was asked about watching his nude daughter perform simulated sex acts on the HBO show “Girls.”

    Q: What is it like watching Girls for you? Are you covering your eyes?
    Brian Williams: No, no. It’s kvelling, pride. It’s incredibly great. Her co-creator and I have known always that she was going to be an actress. So it’s fantastic.

    Q: You’re fine with the awkward sex scenes?
    Brian Williams: Unmitigated joy.

    What a twisted Lib!

  6. dennisl59 says:

    We had to look up what ‘kvelling’ meant, since I’d never heard the word spoken in an American-English sentence my entire life. So here it is:

    kvell: to express great pleasure combined with pride (Yiddish קװעלן kveln, from an old Germanic word akin to German quellen ‘well up’). (From our favorite online encyclopedia)

    There you go, Williams the Putz, Meshuggener, Nebbish, Yutz, and Schmuck has the chutzpah to drop some Yiddish to sound, you know, ‘cool’. (I needed to look those up also to make sure they were in context, by the way).

    posted 2/6 431pm Texas[This one’s for you Shifra]Time

  7. mdannyg says:

    I never have been able to stand Brian Williams. He is the ultimate creepy Ron Burgundy parody of a news anchor. He seems even more in love with himself than Obama, but in this faux humble aww-shucks way which makes it all the more revolting.

  8. ancientwrrior says:

    I am not surprised. The prezy draws maggots to him like flies to poop.

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