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Not. Kidding.

Via John Nolte: Breitbart — Another Williams Chopper Tale! NBC Anchor Claims Hezbollah Rockets Buzzed His Helicopter During Israel War

In a 2007 interview at Fairfield University:

(@ 2:00 mark):

….It gets me to thinking, I’ve been very lucky the way my life has turned out, I’ve been very lucky to have survived a few things that I’ve been involved in, at a perception a few minutes ago, I was remembering something I tend to forget, the war with Hezballah in Israel, a few years back, where there were Katuyshka rockets passing just beneath the helicopter I was riding in….

And h/t to @JerylBier for finding the original Hezbollah story:

Wait, there’s more:

Poor Brian was apparently held up, back in the 70’s, at gunpoint, on Christmas!

Via NY Post: Another tall tale? Brian Willaims’ alleged encounter with Christmas bandit

….In a 2005 interview with Esquire magazine, Williams said a thief drew on him in the 1970s — leaving him “looking up at a thug’s snub-nosed .38 while selling Christmas trees out of the back of a truck.”

….“That wasn’t a bad job, until a guy came up and stuck a .38-caliber pistol in my face and made me hand over all the money. Merry Christmas, right?

….But longtime Red Bank residents think it’s a tall tale.

“I would highly doubt he’s telling the truth,” said Danny Murphy, who in the ’70s ran Danny’s restaurant , which was a few blocks from the alleged crime scene. “I find it hard to believe anyone was held up in this area in the ’70s. It was very safe.”

Les Carbone, 85, felt much the same way.

“Don’t listen to Brian Williams,” he said. “He’s going to tell you a lot of things. I doubt he was robbed at gunpoint. I was born in Red Bank, there were no crimes like that. Tell Brian Williams to stop lying.”

Well, maybe Brian Williams is not lying. Maybe he is just confused.

Maybe he was held up at gunpoint on Christmas, in Israel, after being attacked by a Hezbollah rocket, right after being almost killed in Iraq by an RPG.

Or something.


Maureen Dowd: NYT — Anchors Aweigh

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  1. midget says:

    Maybe Brian W’s real alias is “Kenneth” and he knows the frequency…

  2. Kitten says:

    I may be dating myself with this question…does anyone remember the cartoon character Ralph Phillips from Warner Bros? This kid was always day dreaming in school about being a hero in some made up place in his own mind. That’s who Brian Williams reminds me of. He may be pathological.

  3. ancientwrrior says:

    It seems that these times are just bringing in the nit-wits that are floating to the top of the msm cesspool.

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