The Dems love to talk, ad nauseam, about the “GOP War on Women.”

But apparently, that is the only thing they do – talk.

Via Free Beacon:

As women working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struggle with a gender pay gap, women working for the businesswoman and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina are coming out on top.

The median female annual salary on Fiorina’s campaign is $69,724, about $15,000 higher than the median male annual salary of $54,829, according to data made available to the Washington Free Beacon by the campaign….

A previous Free Beacon analysis of salary data included in FEC filings for the Clinton campaign found that women working for Clinton are not faring as well as those working for Fiorina.

The analysis of payroll disbursements made by the Clinton campaign in June found that the projected annual salary paid to women to be about $7,000 less than what is paid to men….

Fiorina’s campaign says that it is not intentional that her campaign is stacked with women and that it is committed to hiring the best person available for all positions, regardless of gender or other factors.

“Carly believes in ruthlessly cultivating meritocracies and ensuring that the most talented people — men and women — have equal access to opportunities to rise through the ranks,” Flores told the Free Beacon. “We’re proud of the team we have put together at Carly for President.”


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  1. paul14 says:

    Paying men less is better? Hum……

    • Chuck says:

      Exactly my thought.

    • Isaac T says:

      As I recall, Jessica Valenti or Amanda Marcotte recently opined that it was no good to pay women more, we had to start simply paying men less, because equality. It worries me that the conservative media just adopts these narratives and puts on a laughably thin coat of “Dems are reel sexist” paint over it, as if we won’t recognize it for what it is.

      • Shifra says:

        I wish we did *not* have to have a discussion about who gets paid more, men or women. And yes, Isaac T, you might think this is just a “laughably thin coat of ‘Dems are reel sexist’ paint.”

        But the fact is that Democrats are *experts* at trotting out the “Republicans hate women” meme, and millions of Low Information Voters fall for that Big Lie. They trotted out the “Mitt Hates Women” meme in ’12, and the result was four more years of Obama Regime misery.

        • Charles_PA says:

          Shifra – I would normally agree with you; however, the mathematical coincidence of Carly Fiorina paying her male staff 78.6% of her female staff pay did make me raise an eyebrow too. That’s almost the exact same number given by the Social Justice Warriors for what women make compared to men (78.3%). I’m willing to chalk up the difference to job descriptions, length of service, selective data presentation by the press, etc.. That being said, the mathematical coincidence does provide an opening for her opponents to exploit. After 6.5 years of reverse discrimination by the Obama regime, people may readily perceive discrimination where none exists.

        • Isaac T says:

          I don’t really care who she pays more, as I’m not aware of any indication she might be doing so out of sex discrimination in either direction. I’m very much in favor of letting the cards fall where they may.

          It is all well and good to point out that Hillary et all are the source of the mythical pay gap they complain so bitterly about, but nobody really seems to care who doesn’t already dislike them, and in our taking such pains to uselessly highlight it we buy into and strengthen the leftist narrative that proving who is and isn’t sexist is of paramount importance. And since the left sets the narrative on sexism, they will always have the advantage when we buy into it.

  2. Alain41 says:

    95 years ago, Aug. 26, 1920, the 19th amendment went into effect giving women the right to vote. Obama’s proclamation on Women’s Equality Day glances over the 19th amendment and then discusses him, him, and him, not to mention, him. Whew, was concerned that Obama might actually praise the Constitution as something worth celebrating, following, and changing when appropriate.

  3. Norm says:

    I seems to me that Carly simply has more women in the higher responsible roles. Just like when I was working… some areas of the hospitals, women who were the bosses, or the lead technologists; or charge nurses…made more money than the men. And visa versa if men were in those roles. This is stupidest issue …..well hell, ever……..

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