T on HN 8-17
Tammy was on ‘Happening Now’ this morning with Alan Colmes discussing the latest report of 60 classified Clinton emails and Hillary joking about it on the campaign trail.

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  1. Di Grace says:

    Thanks for posting this Patricia. Appreciate Tammy’s well thought-out comments. Alan continues amaze me with his left-wing non-logic.

  2. Vintageport says:

    Down goes Alan! Down goes Alan!
    Loved the Tammy eyebrow raise at the intro…says “Here I come, Alan.”

  3. deaves1 says:

    Alan talking about Governor’s email servers like they are the same. State governments do not handle National Security level communications. Secretary of State does.

  4. Kimj7157 says:

    Poor Alan. Sitting next to Tammy, his nonsense is just magnified that much more.

    p.s.–Love the jacket.

  5. hbmuzik says:

    Excellent discussion, Tammy. “Joking” from people void of a sense of humor is a definite indicator of a passive-aggressive’s cover-up technique. She might just as effectively have said, “SQUIRREL!! Hahaha!” That she can use humor(?) as a technique of deflection and trivialization is very telling. Her Depends supply has to be running low.

    • Di Grace says:

      It is known that a good sense of humor in a person is often an indicator of a high I.Q. When Tammy said that Hillary has no sense of humor, well, no comment needed.

  6. Piquerish says:

    Alan asks where Hillary broke the law, since it’s yet to be proven that anything she sent, received or kept on her server damaged the United States. THAT, true or not, is immaterial. While I was in the military, the simple act of leaving classified material out – like on a desk top – unguarded even for a few minutes was sufficient for disciplinary action. I know these hypocrites believe that sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander, but just using her private server to conduct US State Department business at any classified level constitutes not only a gross and arrogant negligence by Hillary, but also, is misfeasance rising to actionable levels of malfeasance. Ultimately, she’s the less “slick” of the Clinton Crime Family. She should rot in a cell.

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