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As Carly Fiorina so aptly stated:

This is about the character of our nation.

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Via The Intercept:

Last week’s announcement that Saudi Arabia — easily one of the world’s most brutally repressive regimes — was chosen to head a U.N. Human Rights Council panel provoked indignation around the world. That reaction was triggered for obvious reasons. Not only has Saudi Arabia executed more than 100 people already this year, mostly by beheading (a rate of 1 execution every two days), and not only is it serially flogging dissidents, but it is reaching new levels of tyrannical depravity as it is about to behead and then crucify the 21-year-old son of a prominent regime critic….

Most of the world may be horrified at the selection of Saudi Arabia to head a key U.N. human rights panel, but the U.S. State Department most certainly is not. Quite the contrary: its officials seem quite pleased about the news. At a State Department briefing yesterday afternoon, Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner was questioned by the invaluable Matt Lee of AP, and this is the exchange that resulted:

….QUESTION: Yesterday, Saudi Arabia was named to head the Human Rights Council, and today I think they announced they are about to behead a 21-year-old Shia activist named Muhammed al-Nimr. Are you aware of that?

MR. TONER: I’m not aware of the trial that you — or the verdict — death sentence.

QUESTION: Well, apparently, he was arrested when was 17 years old and kept in juvenile detention, then moved on. And now, he’s been scheduled to be executed.

MR. TONER: Right. I mean, we’ve talked about our concerns about some of the capital punishment cases in Saudi Arabia in our Human Rights Report, but I don’t have any more to add to it.

QUESTION: So you —

QUESTION: Well, how about a reaction to them heading the council?
MR. TONER: Again, I don’t have any comment, don’t have any reaction to it. I mean, frankly, it’s — we would welcome it. We’re close allies. If we —

QUESTION: Do you think that they’re an appropriate choice given — I mean, how many pages is — does Saudi Arabia get in the Human Rights Report annually?

MR. TONER: I can’t give that off the top of my head, Matt…..


Israel National News: UN ‘Human Rights’ Chair Saudi Arabia to Crucify Protester

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  1. Piquerish says:

    The world reminds me of that strange place Pinocchio visited and got jailed for being victimized. The UN is inbred effete lunatics run amok.

  2. Piquerish says:

    Who would have guessed that Plato had the UN and certain Western governments in mind when he spoke about The Ship of Fools?

  3. Alain41 says:

    Child rape is a cultural difference. Not to be criticized.
    Crucifiers are world leaders in Human Rights. Not to be criticized.
    Selling baby parts is leading medical science. Not to be criticized.
    Following religious moral conviction. Bake the Cake!

    The Pope may cry for Argentina, but only an American can inform the world of the importance of the 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion.

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