T on Hannity 10-14
Tammy was part of the panel on Hannity last night discussing the winners and losers of the Democratic Debate. Highlights from the debate are included.

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  1. Piquerish says:

    I just never could figure out why the hell Webb went down the Libtard Road to Hell. I don’t agree with him on some issues, but he is oil on the water over there.

  2. Maynard says:

    Taranto posted another fine example of media lockstep. This proves what we already knew: The lamestream media has a crush on Hillary.

    Assault, Bash, Beat, Break, Bruise, Buffet, Clobber . . .

    The New York Times might want to invest in a thesaurus for Charles Blow. Here’s the lead paragraph of his column today about the Democratic debate:

    Hillary Clinton crushed it! There is no other way for me to put it.

    Many other observers had the same problem:

    Politico headline: “Clinton Crushes It.”

    Slate’s Fred Kaplan: “Vice President Joe Biden has no rationale to step into the race. If he’s been waiting until after this first prime-time test to see if Hillary Clinton collapsed, he must have seen for himself that she crushed it.”

    Carole Radziwill of “The Real Housewives of New York,” on Twitter: “@HillaryClinton crushed it 2nite. Fell in love w/ @BernieSanders a bit too. It’s going to be a long year. #DemDebate”

    Salon headline: “8 Times Hillary Clinton Crushed It During the First Democratic Showdown”

    DailyMail.com headline: “Dem Insiders to Joe: DON’T Run—Hillary Crushed It With Standout Debate Performance”

    Tom Toles, Washington Post website: “TV debates are a very imperfect vehicle for assessing anything, but they are what they are. They are tests of poise, talking-point memorization, and a measure of aptitude for fancy footwork dealing with tricky questions. This is not a description of what the actual job calls for, but that’s the game, and Hillary crushed it, removing probably the last barrier to her becoming president.”

    All these quotes are from either Tuesday night or yesterday. It looks as though Blow was the last to receive the memo.

    • Piquerish says:

      When these press sycophants say that Hillary crushed it, they mean she lowered that cellulite-packed, canckle-supported ponderous derrière on it and gravity did the rest.

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