Not kidding. Once again liberal Portland dealing with the fruits of liberalism. This won’t be the first case of a hysterical leftist mob attacking a business because of perceived victimhood. This sort of leftist political agitation is exactly what’s been manifesting on the campuses. After all, if you’re going to be professional victims, you have got to find victimizers.

Just like with the attacks against Chik-fil-A, this is a good opportunity for the normal people in Portland to say enough is enough, and go out of their way to defend and support this small business.

Via Daily Caller.

A restaurant in Portland, Oregon is being targeted by protesters who say its British Empire theme is offensive to minorities.

Saffron Colonial focuses on English cuisine, but in addition to afternoon teas and English breakfasts the restaurant also incorporates “globally inspired dishes from the height of the British Empire,” such as a Burmese curry dish. Owner Sally Krantz says she’s interested in historical dishes and wants her restaurant to reflect the unique dishes and meal combinations created through the existence of the British Empire.

And that has some Portland residents outraged.

“While molasses cookies and sausage rolls may come to mind for you when you think of British colonialism, many of us associate it with forced religious conversion/cultural erasure, famine, and slavery,” the letter says. “You may argue that those days are long gone, but India has been independent for less than 70 years, which means there are still people alive today who have experienced the harms of British colonial rule.”

“If you would like your eggs served with a side of bigotry and complete ignorance, this is the place to go,” one review says. “This food is racism, British Colonial, WINSTON CHURCHILL inspired food. You mean the same Winston Churchill that caused the Indian famine under his rule? … Somehow, in some way, that history makes me hunger for eggs and brunch. Have some taste people. Boycott this place until it dies.”

Thus far, Krantz says she won’t give in to the complaints.

“Nobody is protesting Southern cuisine,” she told The Daily Beast. “Nobody is protesting Arab cuisine. I’m not sure where that stops.”


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Oregon Gov. recently signed a bill increasing min. wage from $9.25 to $14.75 in 2022. Since activists no longer have the $15/hr issue to agitate for, they have to search out other issues. Crying racism is always the fallback position. Let’s see how that min. wage increase works out. If poorly, cries of racism will get louder.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    By this twisted, perverse, warped argument then all ethnic food is racist too, right?

    I’m confused.

    posted 3/25 638pm Texas[Taco Bueno]Time

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