Can you imagine the press & GOP hysteria if Trump showed up at a public event looking like a zombie? But when it comes to Hillary, all we hear are crickets.

The image above is from a public statement she made yesterday addressing national security in Virginia. Which means her appearance is not the result of being caught by paparrazi early in the morning, after stumbling outside, half-asleep after a bout with the flu.

No, this is Hillary Clinton supposedly perfectly fine. And let’s not argue age here, it’s not age that makes you look unwell. Anyone can become overworked, but she has a staff of hundreds, and if the campaign has done this to her, how could she ever manage being president?

There are constant questions about her health that the legacy media refuses to cover; they don’t ask the questions at all as a matter of fact, indicating that her health remains an issue. Her appearance, combined with the bizarre coughing fits, some serious questions about her health must be immediately addressed. Will the legacy media do it? Will the GOP? Unlikely since she’s their candidate.

Here’s the post from Fox Business at Facebook with video. Throughout she appears tired, slow and unwell.


Matt Drudge slams ‘media cover-up’ of Hillary Clinton’s declining health

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  1. Minnie says:

    I saw her on live TV & thought the same . I just doubt if she was standing she would have made it . Dillars to dinuts her minions arranged it so she was sitting down . She was either coming off a bender or was retaining a lot of fluid . Another observation is she never looks the same twice . Rarely looks like she has any pep in her step . Its as though she is pushing thru the majority of time . Its clear there are issues .

  2. CZ455 says:

    (In response to a comment Tammy made on her show today, –About Bernie & Hillary’s visit to see Obama, and speculating that Bernie did not get what he wanted

    “Tammy, Tammy, Tammy .. it was not that Bernie did not get what he wanted … Hillary is looking so bad and OLD, that Obama thought that he was talking to Bernie.”

  3. cbldski says:

    Hillary Clinton, old and busted. Or maybe after she gets crushed by Trump, she is thinking about trying out for “The Walking Dead.”

  4. hektor says:

    I do not believe the masses who love Clinton will be fazed by articles like this. They want their free stuff and Clinton has convinced them that she can deliver. Email scandals, Benghazi, ill health and anything else will not be relevant by November, in my opinion. I still believe that Trump will destroy himself by then.

  5. eMVeeH says:

    It looks like Mrs Clinton is “on” something in this clip. She definitely looks tired.

    Her tops have a boxy, “tent” look to them. At times they are obviously more roomy; then she’s back to her usual Mao chic. Could she be wearing some sort of medical device that is easily hidden under that type of clothing?

    She doesn’t seem to care if she’s in poor health or not.

  6. David_in_Dallas says:

    II think someone tripped over the extension cord backstage and unplugged Hillary’s life support machine?

  7. Vintageport says:

    Chris Walken in drag…

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