If you think Obama is just “hitting the links” every day, biding his time until he leaves the Oval Office, think again.

His ‘Prague Agenda,’ if implemented, will be yet another disaster.

Via WSJ: Obama’s Nuclear Farewell: He is preparing to repudiate decades of U.S. deterrence policy

With his time in office winding down, President Obama plans to make a valedictory round of changes to U.S. nuclear weapons policy. The aim is to cement his cherished “Prague agenda,” named for the Czech city where in 2009 he set out his vision for a nuclear-free world. The moves would more likely cement his legacy for arms-control illusions that are producing a new era of nuclear proliferation.

Mr. Obama’s Prague agenda has consisted mostly of shrinking and weakening the U.S. nuclear arsenal, as he did by signing the 2010 New Start Treaty with Russia and deferring modernization of aging nuclear platforms. This gives America’s friends reason to doubt its nuclear umbrella, while giving adversaries greater incentive to grow their arsenals….

…Mr. Obama may declare a policy of nuclear “no first use” (NFU), meaning the U.S. would commit never to use nuclear weapons unless an adversary does so first. This would abandon seven decades of strategic ambiguity concerning when the U.S. might use nukes—and in the process undermine U.S. deterrence against the likes of North Korea.

“The fatal flaw of the warm and progressive-sounding NFU proposal is that it tells would-be aggressors that they do not have to fear U.S. nuclear retaliation even if they attack us or our allies with advanced conventional, chemical, and/or biological weapons,” warns former Pentagon official Keith Payne. Leaders from Pyongyang to Tehran, Moscow and Beijing would feel “greater license” to act as aggressively as possible short of nuclear war….

Our sources say the President has also decided to seek a United Nations Security Council resolution banning the testing of nuclear weapons. This means that two decades after the U.S. Senate refused to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Mr. Obama may usurp the Senate’s constitutional treaty powers with an end-run to the U.N….

Mr. Obama has already entered brave new worlds of executive overreach by ignoring Congress on immigration and sending the Iran deal to the U.N. before submitting it (as a non-treaty) to the Senate. This would be a new low, undermining America’s nuclear deterrent while showing contempt for constitutional bounds.


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  1. Alain41 says:

    This story was on Friday. On Monday, 50 national security Republicans signed letter saying Trump is unfit for President. Gee, that wouldn’t embolden Obama that he is correct would it? #MAGA

  2. Pat_S says:

    The Russians would probably call the NFU a provocation—U.S. trying sleight of hand to lull them into complacency so they will let down their guard. As a result they will increase their nuclear capacity which they will do regardless.

    From April this year.

    Why Russia Is Rebuilding Its Nuclear Arsenal

    This was putting it lightly. Over the course of Obama’s presidency, Russia has managed to negotiate deep cuts to the U.S. arsenal while substantially strengthening of its own. It has allegedly violated the treaty that limits the deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe and, in the last few years, it has brought disarmament talks with the U.S. to a complete standstill for the first time since the 1960s. In its rhetoric, Moscow has also returned to a habit of nuclear threats, while in its military exercises, it has begun to practice for a nuclear strike, according to the NATO military alliance.

  3. Kitten says:

    “No first use”, this is how we got ISIS. Everyone on earth already knows Obama will never retaliate, ever. He’d be fine with America being a parking lot, or just another third world pit.

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