Yes, another reporter being Hillary’s lapdog telling them he’d be happy to be “steered away” from a story about the FBI having possession of a Hillary server thumb drive. It’s all collusion, all rigging all the time.

For this and more see a chockfull Zerohedge post.

In an email dated 8/11/15, Hillary’s lawyer David Kendall expressed some notable concern about information related the AP preparing to report that the FBI has taken possession of Hillary’s thumb drive, a story which the campaign has vocally denied. Which may also explain why as AP journalist Eric Tucker notes, “If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed, then I would gladly accept that as well.”

Recall that on a previous occasion, Kendall made it clear that the official talking point was to deny that the thumb drive had been handed over to the FBI:

I can see why you might not want to say who the turnover was to, but it seems to me omitting this may be misinterpreted and certainly will trigger another round of questioning. This may defeat the whole point of the exercise. The statement could be read to imply we turned over the thumb drive and server to the State Department—which we didn’t (“There they go again—misleading, devious, non-transparent, tricky etc.”). I would recommend saying “to the Department of Justice.”

Curiously, over a year later, we learned that the thumb drive had in fact been turned over to the FBI, however as the FBI reported two months ago, it was somehow “lost” in the process.

A laptop containing a copy, or “archive,” of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was apparently lost—in the postal mail—according to an FBI report released Friday. Along with it, a thumb drive that also contained an archive of Clinton’s emails has been lost and is not in the FBI’s possession.

The thumb drive containing the second copy of the archive also was never found.

“Neither Hanley nor [the Platte River employee] could identify the current whereabouts of the Archive Laptop or the thumb drive containing the archive, and the FBI does not have either item in its possession,” the FBI report stated.

Full exchange below:

Hi David,

We have been told, and we are preparing to report, that the FBI has taken possession of the thumb drive that was once in your possession. This is what we have been informed, and we wanted to see whether there was any sort of comment that could be provided. If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed, then I would gladly accept that as well. But we have solid reason to believe this. We’d welcome any comment you can offer. Thanks very much.


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Absolutely Pathetic Administration’s Press.

    AP was born in NYC in 1846. 170 years later, its funeral is canceled for lack of interest.

  2. Alain41 says:

    In WaPo bias news; Sunday’s paper before the election has the entire top half of the Outlook (opinion) section covered by a cartoon Trump making the L loser sign on his forehead. Jeff Bezo’s blog wastes a lot of trees. Unhealthy for the environment and other living things.

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