The idea of a Holocaust-themed ice-skating routine is historically inaccurate.

There was probably no ice-skating rink at Auschwitz.

Just a hunch.

Via NY Post.

The wife of Vladimir Putin’s top spokesman has sparked international outrage over a Holocaust-inspired ice-skating routine in which she donned a death-camp uniform and mimed shooting her partner for a cheering audience.

Competitive skater Tatyana Navka and her partner, Andrew Burkovsjy, glided across the ice grinning in black-and-white striped pajamas emblazoned with the Star of David and death-camp serial numbers, according to the Daily Mail.

The duo performed the questionable piece for the Russian reality TV program “Ice Age.”

Navka, a two-time world-champion skater and 2006 Winter Olympic gold medalist, is married to the Russian president’s head mouthpiece, Dmitry Peskov.

The skaters spend much of the cringe-worthy performance twirling and leaping, their faces stuck in ecstatic smiles that have little to do with their ghoulish theme….

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  1. Di Grace says:

    Shifra, I was going to tweet this to you last night but considered it too grotesque and disturbing. I captured a quote by someone who commented directly to the video.
    “I don’t know how much longer I can continue to be aghast at this strange world.”
    Strange indeed, and evil.

  2. Di Grace says:

    I’m still shocked by the MSM and leftist thinking. Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin, was PM of Canada for almost 16 years. I watched Trudeau’s funeral on TV in 2000 and there was Fidel Castro, a Communist murderer, being given a prominent seat surrounded by foreign dignitaries including Jimmy Carter. I marveled at the fact that the funeral was held in my home town of Montreal not that far from the U.S. border. News is out that Justin will not be attending Fidel’s funeral.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Wondering if this is coliseum circuses. Oil revenue is still down and Crimea takeover was last year. Putin is doing well in the Mid East but that may not mean anything to Russian citizens. 100th anniversary of end of Czarist Russia is next year and Russians may think of doing more than remembering. Could be big opportunity/problem for Trump.

  4. n9zf says:

    Is moral tone deafness a genetic trait?

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