Odds are they needed to do some kegels, too. I’m guessing still do.

When we look back at the last 8 years when we finally find out exactly how much damage these fools did, we’ll be shocked. The new team has a lot on their plate. I’m confident they’ll succeed.

Via Washington Examiner.

As the early returns came in looking promising for Trump, Cunnane [a communications staffer] was a little “disturbed” to see the check mark next to Trump’s name signifying he was ahead in the electoral college. But he brushed the feeling aside and joked about the possibility of Trump’s win with other staffers. “Oh no, we’re losing!” he said.

But as the bad news kept coming in, he and the other staffers had to work a little harder to stay optimistic, so they did some breathing exercises. “We did what any sports fan does when he needs to regain the mojo,” he wrote. “We switched positions. Around 9 p.m., a group of us went into the Rose Garden and did breathing exercises.”

Later that day, as Obama was giving a private pep talk in the Oval, Cunnane lost his composure. “I was full-blown ugly crying in the Oval Office as the President gave us a pep talk,” he wrote. “I had to turn away and try to get it together.”

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Hillary couldn’t face her supporters when she lost. Obama went to bed during Benghazi. Bush’s fault. I hear those who didn’t vote. That wasn’t ransom for hostages. Russian’s fault. The 3am phone call ad was misleading. Any time of day.

  2. Rob_W says:

    Any wonder the country and the world in such a mess right now?

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