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Charles Krauthammer reacts to President Obama’s exit interview with 60 Minutes in which he said, “I’m the best president I’ve ever been right now.”

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I am the best president I’ve ever been? That’s a pretty low bar. I’m sure all presidents on the week they are leaving office delude themselves into thinking they were a great, historic success. I’m sure it happens in all walks of life. And you wonder whether Obama believes it. I’m convinced he does.

I think what he doesn’t quite understand is yes, he did a lot of things but they are all built on sand. And the reason is he never brought in the opposition. He never brought in the country. He wins the election when he’s on the ticket and he gets crushed in all the elections when he’s not because, as he said himself, I’m not on the ballot by my policies are.

He completely overshot the mandate. The mandate in ’08 was to reassure a very nervous, apprehensive country and to govern sort of in a moderate way. He understood it as a mandate for his sort of social democratic — he was Bernie Sanders before Sanders was Sanders. And he tried to govern that way and you can’t for a country that is 80% non-liberal.

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  1. Shifra says:

    “I am the best president I’ve ever been.” Is that like: “No matter where you go, there you are”?

  2. Alain41 says:

    ‘I am not a lame duck.’ [All together reply; To The Chopper! (Part of me thinks that Mark Burnett came up with that line as a year-long dig.)]

    ? Subliminal upgrade from 4th best president; ‘I am the best president…ever been.’ ?

    ? Oblique reference to MLK’s last speech, I’ve been to the Mountain Top. ?

  3. n9zf says:

    Ahh, “I am the one we’ve been waiting for…” those were the days…

  4. Vintageport says:

    There have been 43, not 44, US Presidents. Grover Cleveland gets counted twice because he was the 22nd and 24th.

    Reagan and Lincoln tied for 1st.
    39 other presidents tied for 2nd.
    Carter was 3rd.
    Obama 4th.

  5. Canonbal says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the …

    Totally delusional!

  6. Brontefan says:

    I keep hearing that Trump’s approval rating is very low and 0bama’s is way high. Are these the same polling agents that told us Trump could not win? 0bama is a disgrace as president…because he was for total government control of every facet of our life, massive regulations, fascist ideology.. and the one world order. Hasn’t anyone told him we rejected all that in November?

  7. hektor says:

    “Conceit is a fault..and I am perfect”

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