Astounding. This is a hospital where patients will already likely have compromised immune systems and then to be fed raw chicken which carries bacterial and other pathogens? I’m not seeing any major change coming from Director Shulkin when reforming the VA was a major focus of the Trump campaign. This situation simply highlights how this horrible situation isn’t just about wait times, but a system that has abandoned our vets.

Via the Daily Caller.

A suburban Chicago Veterans Affairs hospital is serving raw, uncooked, and expired food while the head of the nutrition department sells handbags on government time.

Photos acquired exclusively by The Daily Caller show food at the Hines VA Medical Center is often served raw, routinely served after its expired, and the conditions are often unsanitary, including a mouse being found in the kitchen and a hole in the ceiling.

An employee at the Hines VA, who asked to remain anonymous, said these issues have been going on for approximately a year.

The photo of the mouse in the kitchen was taken on February 22, 2017; the photo of the hole in the ceiling was also taken on the same day, and the photo of the uncooked chicken was taken in early January.

TheDC was provided two photos of expired food still being served; one which had an expiration date of April 2, 2017 was taken in mid-April and the other had an expiration date of January 31, 2017 and was taken in early February.

The employee said the hole was finally fixed in late April but was left for approximately six months before being fixed.

In another case, an observant Jewish veteran was unable to eat for days because the hospital had run out of Kosher food.

“I believe you will agree that his being hospitalized since yesterday and subsisting on some fruit and coffee as a result of a complete lack of kosher food is unacceptable in any facility, especially our VA hospital,” said a doctor in an email to other staff from February 13, 2017, noting the problem. “The usual stock of kosher food that was found to be expired, discarded and not replaced in the Hines kitchen inventory needs to be looked into and safeguards put in place so that no Jewish veteran (or any veteran) must suffer the psychological and emotional abuse and denial of proper nutrition due to such negligence.”

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  1. VelvetHammer says:

    No words. It just makes my heart hurt to think this disregard is so prevalent. They don’t deserve this.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    If any promise made during the campaign it was the one to ‘fix the VA’…And my single issue.

    Someone needs get this pissant Shulkin out from behind his desk, fly out to the hospital, now, have a ‘all hands on deck’ meeting with the staff and fire the despicable miscreants.
    Serving food in this condition is deliberate, not an accident or due to gross stupidity.

    posted 5/14 835am Texas[Fix The VA]Time

  3. Maynard says:

    If we want to fix these problems, we should require all executives step out of their ivory towers and check into the various medical facilities as undercover patients for at least one week every year, and thus get some firsthand experience regarding the facts on the ground.

  4. Vintageport says:

    Can this be anything less than intentional? #PassiveAggressive

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