Maybe these students should be grateful for the opportunity to attend an Ivy League college, and should keep a low profile while pursuing their studies.

Their list is classic chutzpah.

Via Accuracy in Academia.

….A group of illegal immigrants at an Ivy League university have released a list of demands that includes “sensitivity training” for faculty and staff and “specifically trained immigration counselors” at the school’s Counseling and Psychological Services center.

The Columbia University group, known as Undocu, released the demands last week and affirmed that they “expect the university to act” upon them. The group “refuse[s]…to amend or change” any of their stated demands….

….We are international students only by technical designation, so we are all subject to pay the semesterly $70.00 international services fee. Further, classifying us as international students puts us at risk of having our information exposed to Homeland Security. We want the university to respect and recognize us as domestic students, be clear about the implications of our student status, and have these fee charges refunded to us.

We also demand full reimbursement of the health insurance fees. ISSO refunded portions of these fees, but the calculations are inaccurate and leaves graduating students with exorbitant amounts of account balances which potentially hinders their request for academic transcripts and degrees.

-Creation of an ombudsperson position who understands the psychological, financial, administrative, and all other dimensions of the undocumented student issue and experience.

-Specialized fundraising for undocumented students
We want the university as a whole and individual schools to raise funding to specifically support undocumented students in both undergrad and grad schools with the objective of creating undocumented student specific scholarships and grants….

We demand awareness training of CCE career counselors who understand our unique situation and the sensitive attention it demands.

-Sensitivity training for faculty and staff
During the spring semester we published an op-ed in the Columbia Spectator asking that the university provide sensitivity training for professors, TA, and all other staff in terms of immigration language and rhetoric. Much like sexual health training, it is imperative that immigration subjects be treated with the proper language and information. It is unacceptable for students to be called “illegal” in their own classrooms or for professors to tell us to “get legal.”….

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  1. RobW says:

    Who is paying their tuition? #justasking

  2. Alain41 says:

    “are international students only by technical designation”.. So as I understand that, they are illegal aliens that if granted amnesty would then be U.S. citizens and thereby not international students. Implying that everyone is a citizen of the world, there are no sovereign nations. That darn ‘technical designation’. Wonder who makes it?

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