The children are, however, allowed to give thanks to the sun and rain at mealtime, instead of saying grace.

Just wondering: Would the Municipality have any objection if the kids gave thanks to…Allah?

Via Breitbart.

Children at a Christian preschool in Sweden are no longer allowed to say grace at mealtimes, “Amen”, or talk about the Bible, after a ruling by the Umeå municipality….

The municipality said it felt that children at the Salvation Army-run kindergarten were not given enough of an opportunity to opt out of saying grace at mealtimes.

“The Education Act can be interpreted in different ways,” said the preschool’s manager Britt Marie Mårtensson. She told STV she did not think grace at kindergarten would come under the umbrella of “education”….

“We interpreted the law differently from the municipality,” Ms. Mårtensson added, telling the Swedish broadcaster that children at the preschool now sing a rhyme which gives thanks to the sun and rain at mealtimes, instead of saying grace….

Staff at the kindergarten were also prohibited from holding any more “Bible Snacktimes”, an activity in which children and teachers discussed the contents of the Bible….

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  1. Mickey says:

    Matthew 19:14 – Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

  2. Maynard says:

    Giving thanks to sun and rain is likewise religious in its implicit worship of the pagan nature gods. The Abrahamic religions see God as having created nature but being Himself outside of it.

    Since the school in question is run by the Salvation Army, this would imply some sort of private school, giving it (we’d expect) freedom to present its Christian philosophy. Of course, in Europe, the people do not have the same Constitutional protection from government overreach that we’ve traditionally had in America. This would seem to be another example of why it’s vital that we not slide toward the European model.

  3. Katharine the Great says:

    Question: are the children encouraged to bow their heads when they engage in Pagan nature worship, also what disciplinary action is taken for the teacher who thanks God for the sun and the rain at meal time? This action thoroughly disregards both mission and doctrine of the Salvation Army which hasn’t changed prior to enacting the new policy. I wonder if there will be any response from Protestants. As a Catholic Christian, which is not an oxymoron 😉 , I find this Evangelism insulting to Jesus’ work.

    • Katharine the Great says:

      I hold the Salvation Army responsible for their school activities which is something I probably should have clarified earlier.

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