DC Beltway out-of-touch elitists say: horrible trend

We say: #MAGA #Winning

Via Newsbusters.

Monday’s PBS NewsHour spotlighted the low trust in the news media, according to the results of their latest poll. Only 30 percent of those surveyed by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist trust the press “a good deal” or “a great amount.” The Trump administration scored seven points better in the same poll. Guest Stuart Rothenberg bemoaned the “horrible trend” towards distrust of the media over the past several decades. NPR’s Tamara Keith underlined that “these numbers are part of a very long trend of institutions losing trust from the American people; and that…puts America at risk.”….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Stuart Rothenberg complains of distrust of the media. Let’s see, per Wikip., Mr. Rothenberg, editor of The Rothenberg Political Report, predicted in early 2009 that the GOP’s chances of winning back the House in 2010 were zero. Prognosticators are allowed to be wrong, but some balance & humility are required.

    Regarding how well is the rest of the media doing; Obama said don’t take photos of Gulf of Mexico oil spill and media complied; Hillary said turn off cameras, media complied, amateur took video of Hillary falling into van; Chelsea Clinton & Laura Jarrett hired; Donna Brazile, Candy Crowley, Brian Williams, Rather National Guardgate, forcing Sharyl Attkisson out, CBS turning on Lara Logan instead of simply updating story that source’s story had changed; continued use of only anonymous sources contrary to own guidance; former senior Presidential advisor Ben Rhodes saying reporters are know-nothing 20 yr olds; all the political polls that media constantly push while ignoring policy debates;….

    Seems that the Left sees their contempt for Flyover Rubes as benevolence. Deplorable.

  2. Alain41 says:

    In the category of Americans trusting Trump more than media; Rich Lowry, NRO, did some quality research and found that Trump’s Warsaw speech is similar to LBJ’s 1966 speech on Poland. Lowry concludes that Trump could have given LBJ’s speech and the Left would still say it was white nationalist extremist alt-right. Good short speech by LBJ. Given in Rose Garden celebrating/congratulating Poland on 1,000 years of Christianity and Nationhood. Perfect example that today’s Democrat Party is not the 60s Democrat Party.

    A few lines in LBJ’s speech: “Men are coming to understand that decentralized decision-making is proving more efficient than highly centralized state control.”..
    “As we revise the structure of NATO to meet today’s realities…”
    “We have invited Poland to cooperate in our satellite program.”..
    “…send to the Congress legislation making it possible to expand trade between the United States of America and Eastern Europe.”

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