Linda Sarsour is a Leftist activist who co-chaired the Women’s March on DC.

She is also a well-known terrorist-apologist who constantly spews her venom against Israel.

Last year, after a St. Louis Missouri Jewish cemetery was vandalized, Sarsour set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to repair the cemetery damage, and she was “delighted” when she raised over $100K.

However, as reported by The Forward and other Jewish news outlets, the cemetery has not received any money for repairs.

And now, this:

Via National Review.

Linda Sarsour seems unable to pass up any opportunity to make a quick buck, even at the expense of vulnerable Americans. Her latest target? Caring people all across the country who are looking for ways to help the hundreds of thousands of Texans who have lost everything as the result of Hurricane Harvey.

Sarsour recently requested donations for the Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund, which, on its face, sounds innocuous enough. But it turns out that this fund is, in fact, a thinly veiled front for leftist community organizing. From the fund’s website: Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.

….In other words, not one cent of this money will be donated to people who have lost their cars, possessions, and even their entire homes. Instead it’ll be poured straight into the pockets of activists such as Sarsour as they continue their political posturing, dividing the country over race and “inequality” in the wake of Harvey’s devastation rather than focusing on the nonpartisan goal of helping Texans restore their community….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Ms. Sarsour acknowledges that her last name in Arabic means cockroach. She is proud of her name as one should be. I just wish that her actions and statements would raise to the level of cockroach.

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