Well, it is a mixed bag, but no blue wave. As of this writing it looks like they flipped 33 seats. If that holds it will be a typical switchover, with the average being 31. I would also note that Democrats controlling the House committees will provide Americans every day a reminder of what the Democrats are really about. The Kavanaugh hearing was a debacle and that sort of mindless circus is what the Dems are going to deliver in the House. Every. Single. Day.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift and Oprah had bad nights. As of now, Stacey Abrams, the Oprah favorite, is losing bigly in her quest to become governor of Georgia, and Taylor Swift failed to take out Marsha Blackburn, who won her race for the Senate. Dem superstar Beto lost to Ted Cruz in Texas, while Florida remains in GOP hands with DeSantis becoming Governor and Scott flipping the senate seat red. We can all thank President Trump for that victory. Josh Hawley has defeated Claire McCaskill for Senate in Missouri. Keeping and expanding their Senate reach, I contend, is a direct result of the Kavanaugh hearing.

President Trump has tweeted:

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  1. Shifra says:

    Bad night for Obama, too. He campaigned for Gillum, really worked up the crowd. Hey, thanks, Obama 🙂

    And Nancy Pelosi just said, to a cheering crowd: “Let’s hear it for pre-existing medical conditions!!” Not. Kidding. maybe this will be good reminder to everyone how crazy the Dems are…. And Ocasio-Cortez will remind us too, every time she opens her mouth.

  2. Maynard says:

    Now maybe the damn robocalls will let up.

    What does it mean? Who knows. We expect the Dems to double down on kookery…investigations, impeachment, whatever. But I’ll allow for the possibility that they’ll try to act like serious adults in pursuit of the common good. Mock me if you will, but you can understand that they view Trump as a wild vulgar crazy man, and indeed plenty of his antics do support that view. But probably most of us have formed the opinion that the wild stuff is an act he can turn on and turn off, rather than a compulsion. As such, it’s a tool he uses to his advantage. A clear example is with Kim Jong Un, which started off as a crude exchange of insults and has transitioned into a respectable exchange. IF this succeeds — still a big IF, but I hope for the best — Trump will have proved himself to be a truly great leader. And he couldn’t have done it if he were, as his critics have charged, just a belligerent child. The Dems have been acting like rotten children for a long time; will they now show the sort of maturity that Trump has given us, or will they get worse? They’ll probably screw it up, but let’s see what happens.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    WTH happened in Wisconsin? Scott Walker NOT re-elected?

    posted 11/7 635am Texas[Cruz Country]Time

    • Alain41 says:

      Milwaukee paper says basic problem was running for 3rd term combined with his lackluster Pres. campaign. Hard to win a 3rd term (forget Cuomo, that’s NY) and his Pres. campaign was used against him as; He had lost interest in governing Wisconsin specifically, and his Pres. campaign performance was so bad that he had lost interest in governing in general. Dem ran on Protect Healthcare and Make Education Great Again (Dem had been State Ed Secy).

  4. Shifra says:

    BREAKING: “Blue Wave” discovered… at Andrew Gillum’s Election Night party, as party tent sags from heavy rain:


  5. midget says:

    HUGE BUMMER ! They hold the purse-translation- there goes the wall and
    any chance of defunding Planned Parenthood. I’m not going to
    scream till I’m hoarse or tip over a burned cop car or use a baton
    on my neighbor, but I don’t see how DJT can move forward very easily.

  6. Alain41 says:

    Republican Reps. Pete Sessions narrowly lost in Texas and Pete King narrowly won in NY. Both have been in the House around 22 years. Seems that 20 years may be the tipping point for GOP voters to say; Long enough, what have you done for me lately?
    J. Christian Adams is critical on Twitter of GOP leadership timidity. One example he gives, their squelching of Devin Nunes.

  7. VelvetHammer says:

    Well, I’m not quite as bummed out as I was last night but I’m still just dreading having to listen to these people and their nastiness 24/7. It’s really hard some days. The Press being what is and the Dems in control of The House now, I’m concerned about: 1) being drowned out, 2.) the Rep being too incompetent to pursue their own message and get loud, and 3.) the President being left to flap in the breeze after he’s worked his tail-feathers off for us and the Republican Congress/Party.
    And, not to mention Romney! Man, I don’t want to hear ANYTHING that guy has to say. I HOPE the Rep in the Senate corner him and let him know he needs to keep his trap shut since he’s yesterday’s news! My fear is he is our new McCain. He needs to be shut down hard and fast.
    OK, done.

  8. dennisl59 says:

    Let’s talk about Texas, shall we? There’s all the usual superficial reports and stories about ‘what happened’ down here, but this analysis, in my opinion, gives the right amount of focus on the changes happening, statewide. Take Houston/Harris County for example, it’s all Democratic now and the 4th largest city in the country, right behind New York, Chicago, Los Angeles…that’s a big deal folks…

    Closer to home, where I live, Williamson County(adjacent to Travis/Austin) it went, by a very small margin, to O’Rourke…so the virus is spreading. And Hayes County too, it’s really an outlier of Austin, but it went for the Socialist. My Congressman, the ancient, old and tired RINO John Carter just squeaked out a victory. He really needs to pick a young Republican to replace him or else the next election, he’s out and Texas District 31 will flip blue because of all the people coming into Central Texas from elsewhere in the country.


    posted 11/8 748am Texas[Still Cruz Country]Time

  9. dennisl59 says:

    Let’s talk about New England, shall we?. The electorate clearly approves of the Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Big Government philosophy, policies, attitudes, etc…

    Angus King-Maine-54%
    Gillibrand-New York-66% (not technically ‘New England’)

    So for the sake of argument, let’s completely write off Vermont. It’s gone completely, totally and utterly Marxist/Communist in the U.S.Senate Incredible, isn’t it? But it has a Republican governor…go figure…

    posted 11/10 704pm Texas[Red State]Time

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