Dear Environmentalists: In the spirit of the holiday season…please put a sock in it.

Via Breitbart.

Before you sit down for your Thanksgiving feast or unwrap this year’s gifts tucked under the Christmas tree, environmentalists want you to know that your holiday traditions are contributing to climate change and hurting the planet.

Media reports on this bad news are popping up everywhere online as Turkey Day arrives, including on the Earth Day Network website under the holiday-themed headline: “Don’t let consumerism consume your holiday” and the subhead “It’s (not) a wonderful life:”….

The article directs readers to change behavior to save the planet, including ending online shopping.

“Sure, it’s convenient, but all the packaging and transportation that goes into delivering that gift (next day!) to your doorstep leaves a way bigger carbon footprint than just going to the store yourself.”….

But if you have to travel, make it a short trip and use public transportation or car pooling….

And don’t forget the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, what the Earth Day Network has dubbed a “carbon foodprint,” should be considered – ideally “transitioning to a plant-rich diet.”

The Huffington Post recently warned about the dangers of the Thanksgiving meal and posed the question, “How much damage are we doing with our epic Thanksgiving meal every year?”….

And forget more exotic culinary fare like artisanal cheeses or out-of-season fruits from distant places “can also be a major culprit of excess CO2 emissions” because of the pollution of transporting those foods….

And Americans should also be worried about food waste “so making a beet hummus as a starter and using the beet greens as a braised side, or keeping the tops of carrots and pureeing them into a pesto,” the Huffington Post suggests.

CNN Hopes Americans Worry About Upcoming Climate ‘Catastrophe’ This Thanksgiving

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  1. IndieGal4USA says:

    LOL Shifra! Well, it’s obvious that these dour fanatics will all find coal in their Christmas stockings this year! Wishing an early Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to all.
    And, we all care very much about our environment; we just don’t make it a political weapon!

  2. midget says:

    Before I put up my turkey leg (what an image), the celebs better give up
    their jets & million square feet homes.

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