This is now the face of the Democrat Party: A United States Representative retweets a vicious lie, falsely accusing Jews of killing a Palestinian child.

How did we get here? And why have the Dems remained silent?

Bethany Mandel, writing in Washington Examiner:

There are few things in human history as old as blood libels. For centuries, whenever a child turned up dead, local Jews were blamed. The truth is an afterthought. What’s important for anti-Semites is the fact that the death of a child provided an opportunity to vilify Jews.

This virulently anti-Semitic tradition of blood libel made famous in the Middle Ages in Europe has continued in the modern Middle East. Often, when a child passes away in the Palestinian territories, those around the child will look for ways to blame Israel in some capacity. Dead children are used as props. Sadly, we’ve come to expect it.

But here’s what we must never accept: American lawmakers disseminating the blood libels spread by Palestinian propagandists. And sadly, that’s exactly what Rep. Rashida Tlaib did over the weekend….

Tlaib deleted her retweet after Palestinian official Hanan Ashwari apologized for the “unverified” story.

In fact, the eight year old boy had slipped, fallen and drowned in a reservoir of rainwater after Israel had the heaviest rainfall this month in 51 years.

But Tlaib has not yet apologized.

Via Fox News.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., walked back a controversial retweet spreading “blood libel” against Israel that placed blame for the death of a young Palestinian boy on the Jewish state, vowing to “strive” for higher standards when it comes to sharing information on social media, but she fell short of apologizing for the error….

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