Someone better tell Michael Steele his time would be better spent getting certain liberal Repubs in line rather than redesigning the GOP website.

Funny how some want the prestige of being associated with the prestige of the philosophy that sets people free while voting with those ready to condemn your children and grandchildren to indentured servitude while setting this nation on fire. gopdop

GOP’s Snowe voting for Democrats’ health care bill

Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe says she will vote for a Democratic health care bill, breaking with her party on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priority.

The Maine senator kept virtually all of Washington guessing how she would vote until she announced it late in the Senate Finance Committee debate Tuesday. Until then, she told reporters, she had not even let Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., in on her secret. She told her colleagues: “When history calls, history calls,” even though she had some criticism of the bill.

That’s nice. I much prefer the phrase, “When being fired calls, being fired calls.”

And then there’s Lindsay Grahamnesty.

Graham Backs Push for Climate Change Legislation

A top Senate Republican on Sunday announced his support for sweeping climate change legislation, disputing the “conventional wisdom” that says Congress simply cannot tackle the issue this year.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., co-authored an op-ed with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., in The New York Times calling for action on legislation.

Kerry rolled out a Senate climate change bill alongside Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., late last month. A Graham aide said Sunday that the South Carolina Republican was not explicitly endorsing that bill, but stands ready to work with Kerry toward some version of legislation to combat global warming.

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  1. jmucciola says:

    Graham, Bush, McCain & their ilk=Why I left Republican party six years ago.

  2. JHSII says:

    I remember specifically getting bashed again and again by “Republicans” because they would tell me how “It’s better than voting democrat”.



    I’m sure glad we dodged the bullet on that one!!

    I got hammered because I didn’t blindly support McCain. I pointed out that I didn’t “owe” McCain my vote – it was his job as a candidate to EARN my vote.

    Does the Republican party want my support? Do they want my vote?
    If so maybe they should try earning my support. Maybe they should try earning my vote.


  3. lord-ruler says:

    I think one of the main problems is that they are in Washington too long. Look at Orrin Hatch. He went there to fight against Kennedy and ended up one of his best freinds. Now I don’t begrudge him that but there comes a point when you become so familiar with your colleages that it is distasteful and harmfull to your social life to have any backbone. The sixteenth amendment needs to be repealed also because Senators are there representing Washington and not their own states.

  4. franknitti says:

    Olympia Snowe should be indicted and tried for treason. She’s nothing but a female version of Alger Hiss. Goober Lindsay Graham just needs a serious ass-whipping. I know Tammy would gladly volunteer to give him one.

  5. thierry says:

    those two girls just love all the attention they get is what it is. was swooning involved and the vapors and lots of coy fan fluttering? “boys are looking at me and hanging on my every word- squeal!!!!!”

    ‘history calls’ wtf? ohh everyone’s focused on the socialist from maine … most attention she’s gotten in her life rather than history come a knocking on her door.they’re so full of themselves. it’s like we’re their servants not the other way around. these 2 aren’t serving the nation they’re stroking they’re own vanity at the expense of the people, the country and the constitution.

    snowe job should know better. maine has a stupid ass insurance program that’s a disaster and so sucks no one signs up for it and it’s ruinous financially to the state. the morons from MA should know better too- commonwealth care is sending the state the way of cali on a greased rail. and these programs are destroying people’s lives- provably- wrecking havoc on the middle and working class. MA now has the highest insurance premiums in the entire country and is moving to ration care. just like what snowe was so proud of herself for voting ‘yea’ will do to the entire country.

  6. lord-ruler says:

    I meant to say the 17th Amendment should be Repealed but I wouldn’t be upset if the 16th were repealed also. : )

  7. Shawmut says:

    When it comes to shooting ourselves in the foot, the GOP has more sharpsooters in our ranks than the average USMC platoon. There’s some thing in the ether of office and the swamp gasses of the Potomac that thwarts the promise to act on behalf of the constituents, the go-along-to-get-along mindset. Then, once home it’s all Second Amendment rights, employment freedoms, and the campaign about keeping government out of our lives. Oh, yes! Listen to them sell their seniority, now “ranking members”, or their “good friends” in the opposition.
    Frankly, we have so many elephants in the living room that we may have to consider moving out.

  8. IloiloKano says:

    I don’t care whether the GOP lives or dies; I am a Conservative, and Conservatism is NOT dead! Third Party push begins in 3…2…1…

  9. Pat_S says:

    Yeah, and the Japanese probably thought history was calling when they attacked Pearl Harbor.

  10. ffigtree says:

    Dems can now claim the bill as “bipartisan”. We’ll never hear the end of this.

  11. trevy says:

    I actually supported Michael Steele. I thought he would be a good Conservative. But, he needs to change his name to Tin.
    Looney leftwing liberals fear Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin more than him.

    “When history calls, history calls”
    Well, Snowe-job, it called alright. But, history was calling for you to make a stand, not join with the enemy.

  12. CO2aintpoison says:

    If Olympia changes parties, is the bill still “bi” partisan? And…bi-partisan my ass anyways. These freaks have got to go.

    I do worry about the thought of a 3rd party though. It’s only worked before – to benefit the left. I mean Reagan took back the Republican party, didn’t he? I was young and didn’t follow politics at the time.

    It seems to me from the reading the various blogs and listening to Conservative talk shows and watching the Tea Party movement, why can’t we just vote the RINO bastards out and vote Conservatives IN? There are a lot of military folk – like I believe the guy’s name was Williams who ran against that turd Murtha in PA…these guys should be winning!! They need big voices behind them – this guy didn’t have money – he was a military guy with a family; but he put up a good fight.

    Isn’t a 3rd party just simply too dangerous? And anyhow – what’s to prevent the THIRD party from becoming corrupt at some point?? I mean – then there are THREE corrupt parties – – what do we do then – come up with a 4th? Seems like cleaning house is safer. But, I’m not a shrewd Congressman or Senator, so what the hell do I know?

  13. Artgal says:

    I hate the 2 party system. Our founders never intended this, but they correctly identified what would happen if we did become dependent on the Either/Or parties. I don’t mind third, fourth, fifth, etc. parties entering – it would bust up the 2 most corrupt. I simply want good people with sincere and passionate ideas – not the current mix of snobs, cowards and balless wonders in office now.

    For those wanting to make a major change in a party, become a precinct committeeperson. Yes, you have to register with the party, but you also get a voice in putting people in for various offices. I can’t wait to get my phone call from the local Republican Party asking for me to support McCain! If you become a precinct person, you can work toward running for office, too.

    As for the current situation we’re in thanks to Republican sell-outs, I wonder: have you noticed what I’ve noticed? Everytime a bill could go down in defeat even w/ a Dem majority, the GOP seems to save the day! Snowe was complicit in the economic stimulus package along w/ Spector and Collins. That would not have passed without their support. Cap and Trade would have fizzled without 8 Gop congressional s**theads, including Mary Bono and Mark Kirk. The healthcare bill would have died, too, without Snowe and the current Cap and Trade debate was predicted to die also – until Flimsey Grahmnesty jumped in – I’m sure McCain is soon to follow.

    Notice a pattern? The GOP are no different than the Dems. They want government control, too. They are still ignoring us and doing the opposite of what we fought so hard for all these months. Time to tell them NO in 2010 – except for people we know are truly not of the GOP machine.

    I want to share a little ditty about Olympia Snowe. I had a few drinks in Las Vegas last winter and was hanging with 8 of the coolest peeps on earth when we decided to prank call members of the Senate. Snowe was one such call, and I think you should all become familar with a song that will follow her right out of office. It goes to the tune of the time honored classic ‘Let It Snowe’:

    Let It Snowe:

    Oh, the economy is looking frightful
    And your vote was simply spiteful
    Now that you’re Obama’s ho
    F**k you, Snowe
    F**k you, Snowe
    F**k you, Snowe

    I enjoyed leaving that message on her voicemail. Let’s make it a hit!

  14. c4400 says:

    As much as they both suck, I still think that splitting Republicans into two parties gives the Democrats a solid win.

    For example, say this happens in 2012:
    50% Democrats, 35% Republicans, 15% Thirdparty

    Who wins?

    • Shifra says:

      Yes, a ‘third party’ is my biggest fear. Sorry to say this, TAMs, but I do worry about Palin — as much as I love her, I worry about how much the Libs despise her, and to what lengths they will go to destroy her. We need someone to come riding on a ‘white horse’ (OOPS!) and save us from another four years of this fascist administration. But who know? Maybe Sarah is that person….

  15. CO2aintpoison says:

    Artgal – you are correct and that was my point. Fire all the liars and cheats in 2010 and again in 2012.

    But, currently there are only Rs and Ds in there with pehaps a couple I’s mixed in here and there. For me, I have to affiliate with R or D otherwise I can’t vote in the primary.

    So….if the people vote out all the liars and vote in Conservatives the problem takes care of itself. That’s the whole point of it not being a “party” thing. It’s a good ol’ boy network thing – you can’t fix that by adding parties.

    I’m just as sick of these turncoats as you are; but we shouldn’t shoot ourself in the foot in the process. Continuing the tirade of Republicans are all liars too, or Dems and Repubics are the same – we lose the big picture.

    Irregardless of R or D – vote the cronies out and in with new bold Conservative fearless blood. I wouldn’t want the rhetoric to cause fewer people to NOT vote for a Conservative simply of their party affiliation. By continuing to ring the “they’re all the same” bell…the vote will not just be split, it will be splintered in all kinds of directions.

    The Statists will NEVER give up – ever. Look all over the world….they keep coming back and keep coming back until they wear out the people. We can take back ’10 and ’12 elections and begin to unravel some of this crap they’ve laid at our feet and the feet of the next couple generations…but the pendulum always swings back. Why? Because it’s people governing people and because we’re not angels – we’re people.

    There is no way to remove greed for power and all the smarminess that comes with it, from the human element. None. To say we have fought these so many months and for what – for a bunch of sell outs, is to give up! We cannot. We know they are sell outs – that is what we must fix and continue to fix and teach our kids how to fix because they and every generation thereafter will be battling the same thing for all time. We are, but mere mortals.

  16. CO2aintpoison says:

    Artgal – plus – LOVE the song about Snowe. HA! We should have a parody blog!! I’m working on one called “CO2 ain’t poison” to the tune of “We Don’t Need no Education” by the great PF!!

  17. Artgal says:

    Not so simple to just vote out people. You see, the GOP establishment really is no different from the Democrats. They are a group – an elite group of R’s who resent you, me and any person who is more of a Reagan conservative than a Bush liberal. They are embarrassed by us, but boy! they sure need us when election time comes around!

    Sure, we can ‘vote them out’, but what if it’s constantly the same people running as usual? The GOP will not necessarily stand behind a candidate WE want; they have their chosen ones, and they are usually the ones who have been in forever. They have a huge war chest of $ thanks to McCain-Feingold which makes it more difficult for new people to enter the national political arena.

    Because of the GOP in Pima County (includes Tucson, AZ), we wound up with the ‘blue dog’ they supported, Gabrielle Giffords, who is Nancy Pelosi’s mini-me. They completely threw a conservative, Randy Graf, under the bus in 2006 because of his staunch border security and illegal stand. The outgoing GOP schmuck, Kolbe, endorsed Giffords who ran on a ‘Well, I was a Republican once and now I’m being fitted for Blue Dog clothing, and wow, isn’t my pink sweater pretty?’ Her opponent last year, though a nice guy, was similar to McCain in his wanting to work w/ both sides. We have a real shot next year and there are, in fact, 3 or 4 GOP 2010 candidates for the Giffords’ seat – all of them new, all of them real conservatives, and at least 2 who left the GOP, became Independents then became GOP in order to change the party from within. Jesse Kelly has the momentum and has been running a beautiful campaign. He’s also young, articulate and unapologetic on where he stands. THAT’s what we need all across this nation!

    I left the GOP in 2006, but if I wanted to be part of tearing up the party from within, I could think of no better place than switching back to GOP, becomig a precinct committeechick (who will not blindly endorse people because they are GOP) and having some say in what takes place in my county, city and state. I happen to be a very annoying creature and am using my talents in this regard to cause trouble. It’s fun especially when you learn from a fellow conservative that he met w/ McCain and his campaign manager last weekend, confronted them w/ the items we’re ticked off about, and said McCain is nervous right now. He should be! He may well get thru the GOP primary, but I don’t know that he will be able to defeat a Democrat this time around. He’s so much in line with them to begin with, why not just have the real thing?

    If the GOP fails in 2010, it’s because of what THEY have done – not us! They keep helping Dems pass horrible, destructive legislation, Steele will not reign in his liberal contingent because he’s a gutless moron and the GOP (with the exception of a few voices along w/ some blue dogs) really could care less that you and I were called racists, nazis and the target of thugs over the summer. They were very quiet UNTIL one woman came out. They made fun of her at first, but then had to eat their words when the O administration took out the end of life clause from their bill – that was a major win for Palin! And what happened after that? Well, the day after, Pawlenty was out trying to sound as if he was with us all along. Then we heard from Grassley saying if it wasn’t for him, the bill would have passed in July! Oh, then GOP were EVERYWHERE – only because they didn’t have the guts to do what Palin did which was simply to stand up in the first place! They wanted to ride her coat tails they way they wanted to ride the coat tails of the tea parties. Glad to see the tea parties are making news regarding their protests against GOP! : )

    As far as Palin goes: the liberals are going to hate everyone running against them. That goes for the Liberals in the GOP, too. Frankly, I see this as an opportunity for David to take on Goliath.

    I recall a little nation becoming independent in 1948 and shortly thereafter being attacked by 7 nations who were backed up by the USSR militarily. While Israel had no fighter jets and only 800,000 in uniform, those warring with her had 2 million troops and an abundant supply of tanks, planes, ammo. Israel won. The same God that protected Israel then (and now) is the same God who Sarah Palin prays to. I’m glad He’s my God, too! I think He has big things planned for Sarah and the fact she’s launching a new political group means there is going to be some excitement in the air soon!

    I don’t care if the GOP is ruined w/ a party split or the emergence of the Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, etc. Ultimately, the GOP shoots itself in the foot by trying to mimmick Democrats.

  18. CO2aintpoison says:

    All great points; and I concur on not caring about the GOP because it is the GOP; I just don’t want it to come at the cost of providing on a silver platter, the power to the libs and worse – to the statists.

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