Peeps on Earth! I love this idea. And yes, you can sponsor peeps.

From the Christian Post:

Imagine looking up into the sky on Christmas Eve and seeing huge balloons floating down carrying hundreds of packages of Peeps. The people of North Korea will experience just that this Christmas due to a new initiative from Seoul USA.

The Colorado Springs-based organization has offices in South Korea where it plans balloon launches to its northern neighbor throughout the year. The 40-foot weather balloons usually carry goods like religious materials, Bibles, practical necessities and news from the outside world.

But this Christmas Eve, the organization decided to launch a very different payload into the world’s most closed country. The popular marshmallow stars, Christmas trees, and reindeer will infiltrate North Korea through balloons launched from secret locations on the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone.

The Rev. Eric Foley, co-founder and CEO of Seoul USA, explained in a statement some of the practical reasons for choosing Peeps. “Our balloons fly at high altitude. If we sent candy canes or cookies, they might break when they hit the ground. Plus who wants to get hit on the head by a falling candy cane? Peeps are lightweight. The lighter the weight, the more we can send.”

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  1. ancientwrrior says:

    I like this idea. Peeps for the imprisoned peeps.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    Let’s fantasize and put a ‘little twist’ on this initiative shall we?

    Press Release: “Imagine looking up into the sky on Christmas Eve and seeing huge ballons floating down carrying all of the Dumb Bastard’s Economic Team, past and present.”

    Bernanke, Geithner, Goolsbee, Romer, Summers, Orszag, Bernstein, et al.

    The North Korean ‘Government’ immediately arrests them and sends them back to South Korea, because they are too hardcore Marxist-Leninist.

    posted 11/30 810am Texas [Is that a Taepodong-2 in your pocket or…?] Time.

  3. imacat says:

    It’s a fun idea but due to Boyle’s law, the Peeps will probably look pretty sad when they come down from their balloon ride. During their ascent, the air pockets in the Peeps will expand and likely burst due to the lower atmospheric pressure. Then as they descend and land in North Korea, atmospheric pressure will increase and compress the marshmallow material since the air pockets will have been broken. The same thing happens to helium balloons but plastic stretches better than gelatin, so balloons can expand a lot more before popping. You can still eat wrinkled, deflated Peeps — they’re a bit chewier than normal but probably better than what they usually get to eat in North Korea.

  4. thierry says:

    i know i’m detached from a lot of american culture but i was unaware that “peeps”, the dentist’s favorite spring time friends, had infiltrated the december holidays. not just for easter anymore?

    but i recently saw chocolate bunnies in a christmas candy display with the usual santas and snowmen so it’s just anarchy with the seasonal sweets nowadays.

    how about dropping them rice- there’s always famine there- and plastic lightweight guns?

  5. LJZumpano says:

    reminds me of the flying turkeys on WKRP

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