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I know this sounds impossible in our beloved American but consider what has happened under the Obama Administration.

Billions of rounds of ammunition to odd Gov’t Agencies – Social Security, EPA…are they trying to deplete the ammunition supply? If not, who are they going to shoot?

900 plus executive orders issued, completely bypassing congress and the constitution.

I put nothing past Barack Obama and his corrupt administration please read the entire article.

Via American Thinker.

Let’s go there: if Obama thinks he’s losing, will he allow safe and fair elections on November 6? And if he does lose, will he peacefully turn over power to Mitt Romney on January 20, 2013? Or will he cling to power “by any means necessary,” as a highly placed insider alleges?

Now, I’m truly sorry to raise such disgusting, un-American, crazy-sounding questions, but, alas, they’re not crazy, and I’ve got a disquieting amount of evidence. The Democrats have already accused Romney of murdering a woman with cancer, financial felonies, and not filing taxes for ten years — the last charge delivered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the Senate floor, on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever.
By Democrat standards, I’ve got enough proof to put away Obama, et al. for life without parole.

Whatever chicanery Obama and his investors may be contemplating, it will probably unfold against some gargantuan crisis, manufactured or otherwise…

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  1. paul14 says:

    He’ planning for Civil war. How many Hollow Points has he bought?
    I’m pretty sure everyone knows the answer to your question, & has known for a long time.

  2. Alain41 says:

    I don’t think so. Although he is very devious and has nothing but hurtful thoughts, I can’t believe that he would do that.

    My take on domestic agencies stockpiling ammo, is preparation for his hoped for second term. He won’t just disarm nuclear, he will disarm/slash all military saying we don’t need it, because what we need is domestic protection not foreign excursions, and domestic agencies have the wherewithall for domestic protection. No military needed.

  3. paul14 says:

    2nd 1/2 of your question, I would ask,,,What are we prepared to do about it?

  4. Timbo says:

    Patricia, I completely agree..Why all the amo? Why is he so smug, in the face of potential defeat.. IMO they will find a way to make sure civil unrest occurs and he will invoke martial law and potentially cancel the election…Indefinitely ..I know it sounds crazy..and I am not a conspiracy theory kind of guy…but none of this makes any sense. And he has already passed regs that allow him to take over/shutdown the Net, shutdown and control all communications..and they are drilling our military on how to combat US civilians.. All done quietly and under the table..makes me very very nervous..

  5. critter64 says:

    I really wish I didn’t believe he’d turn on us but I do believe that. I’ve been getting ready for two years now. Folks arm up and get ammo and food and water filter at a minimum. Good Luck

  6. I’m kind of glad that I’m an old coot with a comparatively short time left, not facing a long time in a Communist regime, like the young people will,if the Left does take over by force. Social planners recognize no limits on what they do. Death panels, death camps, slave labor, people disappeared, it’s ALL “compassion” of the Leftist social planner. They start with “take from each” and the “if I were God” mentality, then they drop the “if”.

  7. TigerAim says:

    Horrible! But I agree; can’t put anything past this bunch! … sad to say it, though. 🙁

  8. dwbinder says:

    This is no joke. The big question is; Am I going to arm myself against the US government? The puke in chief has the military at his disposal, all the unions at his disposal, all the bureaucrats, all the universities, all the media, all registered Democrats, all major metropolitan areas. Are you prepared to go up against all these? They will have no hesitation to shoot you, will you defend yourself? Will you just accept a take over? Do you all have some military training or any kind of defensive strategy? I think BO SOB doesn’t have the guts but others do. We had a Civil War once that cost 500,000 dead when the population was a quarter of what it is now. Are you prepared for worse carnage? The Democrats were on the wrong side of that fight like they are on this fight. People get ready there’s a train acoming.

  9. Teri says:

    Remember, the dumb, stupid, jackass Marxist bastard is not calling the shots. The Global/Marxist machine is. That’s why they send the moron on so many vacations and millions of golf outings. They know when he shoots from the cuff, what comes out of his mouth will be a disaster. I put nothing past these evil people. Obama alone is a powerless coward. The machine behind the man is diabolical. Yes, they will do anything to cling to power. We, The United States are not immune to a hostile, violent takeover. They know that their time is now. Prepare and pray. If they ever do come to get me you better believe I will take as many of those sonofabitches down as I can before they get to me.

    • imacat says:

      Very well said, Teri! And thank you so much for this critically important post, Patricia! They are preparing for martial law. Everyone needs to wake up and see past the puppets on both sides of the political establishment. While they argue over saving or spending a billion here or a trillion there, the global machine marches on. Their goal is one-world governance over a total population of 500 million. We the People of the USA are the major obstacle to their success. Stand firm, speak out, and pray without ceasing!

      • imacat says:

        One more thing… the reason neither party has invested in developing a back bench may be because they’re not planning on needing one. Perhaps they are using their conventions to honor the faithful puppets who have cooperated in overseeing the decline of America and the decimation of our Founding Principles.

  10. Shifra says:

    This is something I have been thinking about for a while.

    But how did it come to be that raising *any* questions about BHO brings on such a Liberal smirk-fest? In their minds, we are all a bunch of conspiracy-theory nutjobs.

    Will the O’s leave quietly in Jan ’13? Maybe they will, if BHO gets a job with ESPN, and Mooch gets a show on the Food Network (“BBQ-ing with Broccoli”) But probably the “r” will be missing from all the keyboards….

    • MACVEL says:

      You are too nice. Dumb Bastard will destroy as much as he can, even putting Romney in prison. Example–in Zaire (I think) Mugabe arrested his new presidential challenger on charges of “corruption.”

  11. idaho_karen says:

    Interesting Article: Agencies tamp down speculation over hollow-point ammo purchases:


    Doesn’t explain Homeland Security purchases – these purchase are more concerning…

  12. MACVEL says:

    He wants riots and civil war to produce martial law, then he will reintroduce gas chambers–too many Americans, you know.
    We must get him out NOW, and not wait for the election.

  13. makeshifty says:

    Priorities USA oddly backed away from the accusation that they charged Romney with killing a woman with cancer. I saw the interview on AC 360. I was beside myself, as was Anderson Cooper. He kept pressing, “But you put that part in the ad,” going on to talk about all the other provably false statements in it. The guy said, “I know, it was a sad story. But no one would reasonably come to the conclusion that Romney killed the woman with cancer.” The guy did it with such a straight face, too. My goodness, what a good poker player he was! Anyway, I’m suspecting that it’s not as bad as American Thinker thinks it is. I mean, when they get called on it, and they back away from it, I don’t think they’re seriously going to press stuff like this. If they were going to try to make it stick, they would’ve been more belligerent. They hope to get away with this with gullible voters. It’s a dirty, dirty tactic, but given their response to even a small amount of blowback, I don’t think they’d use something like this as a pretense to hold on to power.

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