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Nicolle, call your therapist. Please!

Via Mediaite:

Republican strategist and The View host Nicolle Wallace said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday that she thought Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush sounded “hot” when he spoke Spanish in his campaign announcement speech.

“In English, he’s a little wonky, but in Spanish, it’s like Javier Bardem is speaking to me,” she explained. “I’m in love! The whole campaign should be conducted in Spanish.”

….“I’m sorry, in Spanish, he’s hot! In Spanish, he goes right to the top of the hot Bushes list,” she added….


Mediaite: Nicolle Wallace on Shirtless Romney’s ‘Hot Body’: He Would’ve Beaten Obama Like That

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    Pardon my ignorance but I had to look up who was “Javier Bardem’.

    Oh, yeah, that guy…A ‘B’ List ‘Actor’.

    ‘In English, he’s a little wonky’…Wonky?…that’s a laugh, he’s mostly incoherent, inarticulate, sounds ‘slow’ and a dimwit who hasn’t had a ‘real’ job since being a Governor 8 years ago. In short: A Dud of Major Proportions.

    posted 6/16 1116am Texas[No More Bush!]Time

  2. Pat_S says:

    It made me hot…under the collar…as in infuriated. His little Spanish side chat with, as he put it, “the many who express their love of country in a different language” was at the very least impolite.

    His whole announcement setting had a heavy Latino accent so maybe he felt an easy flow between languages was natural and comfortable. The thing is, he was announcing his candidacy to the whole country not just to Latinos. Most Americans don’t speak Spanish, Jeb.

    I understand his side remarks in Spanish translate as: he called on people to have a campaign that “welcomes” people and emphasizes our “shared values [and] the cause of all who love freedom, the noble cause of the United States.”

    We cherish the absorption of cultural diversity as an enrichment to American society. The political pandering to Hispanics is getting bent into something else. We do not want to have enclaves, layers and separated identities of various groups tied together somehow with shared values. We want one country. We want to be a nation of people not a collection of people.

    Press one if you want Jeb Bush to shut up.

  3. sweetexp says:

    Would you look at the look on her face… Sheesh, she is just gushing over her crush…

    Unfortunately Nicolle Wallace, the rest of the country does not have time for goofy homely crushes (LOL), unless it is for someone who deserves to be liked and who deserves our adoration and a pat on the back.

    Another good one Shifra:)

  4. Gordon says:

    It must be the Jalapeno peppers that he just ate.

  5. Alain41 says:

    Did Nicolle happen to mention that she was Press Secretary for Gov. Jeb Bush in 1999? (She also was a White House Communications Director for George W. Bush.) Everyone mentions/remembers that she was McCain 2008 campaign bigwig and had disagreements with Palin, but she had other political jobs before that. She should comment on the Bushs as much as George S. comments on the Clintons. Not at all. Oh wait, while MJoe is MSNBC, The View is ABC. ABC, your completely non-biased Clinton-Bush, Bush-Clinton channel.

  6. Rob_W says:

    That’s rather shallow to think Jeb’s foreign language pandering is hot.

    Received an email from Jeb!. Interestingly at the bottom was this:
    “This email was sent by: Romney for President Inc., 500 Cummings Center, Suite 4400, Beverly, MA 01915.” hmmmmmmmm

  7. WalkStar says:

    Drop the chalupa and back away slowly!

  8. PJH91321 says:

    ¡Jeb! should not be speaking one word of his campaign in Spanish. It is rude and an insult to all English-speaking citizens of this country.

  9. ancientwrrior says:

    (Yawn) Just another media bimbo. She can pair up with Mr. I had a thrill run up my leg listening to Bama. Haven’t we had enough of them yet?

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