Hillary claimed in the recent NPR interview that she was “most concerned” about “defending our democracy.”

But, she won’t accept the results of our election?

Got it.

Via Washington Times.

Hillary Clinton on Monday would not rule out the possibility of challenging the results of the 2016 presidential election, saying it’s clear the Russians influenced the outcome and that the legitimacy of President Trump’s victory could be called into question as congressional and independent probes into Russian involvement move forward.

In an interview with NPR, the former secretary of state — who will speak in Washington on Monday evening as part of her nationwide book tour — would not rule out formally contesting the results of the election.

“I wouldn’t rule it out,” she said, though she quickly admitted there’s virtually no legal path forward, and that challenging election results at this point would be unprecedented….

She told NPR that, in addition to other factors that contributed to her loss, she believes Russian interference played a role. She charged that Mr. Trump knew the Russians were trying to sabotage her campaign, but that it’s unclear if he can be held accountable at this point….

The full NPR interview with Terry Gross, if you are so inclined, here.

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  1. Kimj7157 says:

    She is certifiably delusional. Problems with physical AND mental health. Her family should intervene.

    With all that has happened, with all the hate and destruction coming from the Left, with all the forces working non-stop to undermine/destroy President Trump–I sometimes feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. It’s unbelievable how bad it’s been.

    But what the Leftie haters/GOP establishment don’t understand is that this garbage only strengthens–dare I say grows–the President’s base of support. They are as blind as they ever were.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Regarding Hillary charging that Trump knew Russia was trying to sabotage her campaign. That’s a highly questionable charge. However, it is factual that Obama knew that Russia was meddling in the campaign and said nothing. Seems her Russia angst is misplaced. The Mad Maid’s Tale is campaigning for her Emmy. Wish I could turn her off.

  3. Kitten says:

    That’s the Chardonnay talking, y’all.

  4. MACVEL says:

    If there was Russian collusion, why has it not been discovered? Especially with Democrats and Republican NeverTrumpers searching diligently for it? Does she have supernatural (in this case, not nice) knowledge? Does Mr. Soros have anything to do with this? This will be an interesting couple of months.

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