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It’s not just the government sucking our blood here in Michigan.

The foreclosure rate is among the highest in the U.S. The unemployment rate is over 14% and rising. The core industry is collapsing. As people move out, non-taxpaying mosquitoes move in. In the unlikely case the mosquitoes will run out of abandoned or foreclosed homes to nestle in, the state, facing a $1.4 billion budget deficit, closed eight prisons to save $120 million. It’s a haven for all kinds of culprits. Like other states, Michigan is spending stimulus money to help the public sector first.

Mosquitoes Moving In

Mosquitoes on the rise in Michigan

Mark Sheperdigian of Rose Pest Solutions in Troy says the summer pests are laying their eggs in foreclosed, half-finished and abandoned houses, The Detroit News reported Friday.

“You’ve got all these houses in foreclosure or abandoned all over,” Sheperdigian says. “And abandoned swimming pools? They get pretty green and can breed mosquitoes by the hundredweight.”

Cash-strapped communities across Metro Detroit are unable to fight the increased threat, the newspaper says.


Stimulus funds help Michigan budget; job growth unclear

Billions of federal stimulus dollars allocated to Michigan prevented devastating cuts to the state budget, including dramatic changes to the health care program for the poor, state officials told federal watchdogs.

The state is having trouble estimating the number of jobs created or saved by the funding, which it must start reporting to the federal government in October.

Michigan is using its $847 million in transportation stimulus funds primarily for pavement improvement and road-widening projects. That’s because those projects can be started quickly enough to meet the time requirement and put people to work this year.

Alaska had its bridge to nowhere. Soon Michigan will have roads to nowhere.

Fitch Downgrades Michigan, Citing Auto Woes

Fitch Ratings cut its ratings on Michigan’s general-obligation bonds one notch, citing “significant deterioration of the state’s economic profile.”

Fitch said that plant rationalization and the job cuts will continue to pressure the employment situation in Michigan in the near term, adding that despite the “relatively orderly nature” of GM and Chrysler’s bankruptcies, uncertainty still remains about their success. GM emerged from Chapter 11 earlier Friday

Just like the abandoned swimming pools, the GM corporate logo could turn green apropos of their changing product line. Our President did promise change. Maybe the name of GM’s corporate HQ location should be changed to DEETroit apropos of the changing demographics.

Actually, mosquitoes and the grow big government type politicians plaguing us today have a lot in common. Both are oppressive pests with similar ambitions and both deserve a swat from their victims.

Mosquitoes’ lives may be ephemeral, their deaths almost always brutal. But during their transitory span, absolutely nothing will stand in the way of their two formidable guiding desires: to soak up human lifeblood, and to reproduce. —– A Mosquito’s Life, J.R. Churin

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  1. Artgal says:

    You know, I hear Tucson is the place to be these days. Just thought you’d like to know! ; )

  2. thierry says:

    detroit has been known as Detoilet for pretty much my entire lifetime. who thought it could ever get worse? oh ,yes we can( f things up even more).

    michigan seems to be what obamarama wants for us all. detroit in particular NEVER recovered from the race riots of 1967 and the” white flight” and the benjamins escaping from the area was shifted into high gear.

    see , when the working class/middle class and up of all races and businesses leave- all those ‘ evil rich folks’ who pay property taxes and fees and sales taxes and create jobs and invest in a local economy and support the basic civil necessities and pay for the schools and social programs -you get: Detoilet . the evil rich do not create ghettos-governments do( with the help of Demotool butt buddies, the unions, in detroit’s case) through bad social and economic policies and the neglect of government’s only true role- protecting it’s citizen’s lives and liberties.

  3. Pangborn says:

    Hmmm…parasites, spawned from distant waters that have become unclean through mismanagement and neglect, feasting upon those unwitting few of us who are left here in the Great Lakes State, draining us of the life’s blood that is often stored in banks. I guess what’s good for the proverbial goose is good for the Michigander as well.

  4. KathyJo says:

    Trouble is, some of us are just plain stuck. . .we own a house that we probably can’t sell, or if we could sell it, it would be at a loss. We have family we don’t want to leave, and too responsible to just up and leave our property. I see the rest of the country going the same way as Michigan, so that limits my options–where can you go where it’s not just same thing, different place, and I wonder if just sitting tight and trying to ride it out might be the best thing. Being a “minority” doesn’t help–pretty much all of my “elected officials” are liberals who see nothing wrong with this road we’re on, and I don’t think they “hear” me when I do contact them over an issue.

  5. 1elder1 says:

    Unless you are directly in the line of fire : ie. lost your job ; have to pay higher taxes to cover fools (Democrat Socialist Party ) mistakes; or, have lowered property value; and, live in rotted out cities , why would you leave?

    When I retired I moved to Cape Cod ,Mass. to paint all day but could not make it through the cold winters . As a transplanted pilgrim from New York I found out the hard way.
    The grass is greener and warmer here at home.

    • KathyJo says:

      Dang. . .my point exactly. Saginaw is probably on anyone’s “rotted out city” list, being as we’re an auto town, as such, my property values have decreased, higher taxes–the writing is on the wall, it’s a’comin. Still have a job (quick, knock on wood!). So. . .3 out of 4–at least that devalued property is mine all mine! Apparently, we weren’t so smart when we diversified into the medical field to replace the auto industry either. From what I’m reading and hearing, I don’t think it’s going to be any better any place else. Except Florida. . .at least it’s warmer. I’d rather be miserable, broke and warm than miserable, broke and cold.

      • Dave J. says:

        Florida is hellacious in the summer, and the summer is loooooong. Plus the steady misery of the heat and humidity is occasionally punctuated by the catastrophic terror of a hurricane or two. Other than that it’s great! 😉

  6. sharon says:

    Pat! I did not realize you are in Michigan like myself…….. I might be a bit older though. 50 + and grandkids to keep me here. It is a shame what has happened to this beautiful state… It is exactly what liberal rule will buy you… Welcome to Michigan America…….

  7. wesen says:

    If you yearn to be free go west, go west of the Mississippi and things are better. Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico. Nothing east of that river is fit for human consumption. The greatest stories come from people who left. When a fat slug from the Union told me as a yute I’d never work in NY unless I joined I left and have never regretted it.

  8. MRFIXIT says:

    I’m Lookin at tax freee Nevada, myself. California was this neat libertarian minded, do your own thing, just don’t step on me while your doin’ it kind of place. Now it’s this incredible nanny state, and none of the politicans seem to have any sense at all. Tax -borrow-spend. Pay for play. Let illegals run wild — infact subsidize them. Let criminals run wild with their guns while you do everything possible strip the law abiding of their guns. Tax fat in food. Tax tobacco because it’s bad for you. Legalize marajuana though, we need more tax money. What’s next? Retroactive abortions? Tax meters on our cars to force a mileage tax? (No kidding there’s really a proposal for this supposedly to charge you extra to drive into congested areas.) (Iwas kidding about the abortion thing.) But seriously, are these nuts ever going to wake up? Will the people ever wake up?

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