Yes, we’ve spent 1 billion, BILLION, on an embassy in London, with half a moat. HALF. Maybe we can put some Koi in there? And last time I checked, Islamists with airplanes aren’t deterred by moats, and truck bombers probably prefer the half-moat idea.

US diplomats add a moat to their expenses at $1bn London embassy

The United States has unveiled plans for its new $1 billion high-security embassy in London — the most expensive it has ever built.

The proposals were met with relief from both the present embassy’s Mayfair neighbours and the residents and developers of the Battersea wasteland where the vast crystalline cube, surrounded by a moat, will be built…A moat 30 metres (100ft) wide and rolling parkland will separate the building from the main road, protecting it from would-be bombers and removing the need for the blast barriers that so dismayed the people of Mayfair.

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  1. MetalGirl1 says:

    So who do I talk to about getting a dragon for the moat?

  2. DogOnCrack says:

    I would suggest a gryphon instead.

  3. Palin2012 says:

    WOW! Won’t the jihadists have fun blowing this glass monstrosity up? Maybe Joe Biden can be the guard – since “nobody messes with Joe!” Maybe the moat will be filled with piranhas, that should really scare away the terrorists.

  4. larrygeary says:

    It’s tragic that this is necessary IN LONDON. England is close to dead as a western country.

    And I’ll bet that angle of the building points it toward Mecca.

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