The Horseshoe Canyon area in the Chiricahua Mountains, 5/10/2011

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On May 8, a fire broke out in Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains which are located about 130 miles southeast of Tucson. The range is about 50 miles north of the U.S. – Mexico border and surrounded by ranches. It is a quiet, beautiful area featuring campgrounds, country stores, breathtaking scenery complete with a bird watcher’s paradise and hiking trails into mountains that peak around 10,000 feet. For such a seemingly peaceful, vast area, it is also plagued by human and drug trafficking, and it appears the latest fire has been started by those entering this country illegally.

A wildfire was started by illegals in the same mountain range this time last year. A little ironic…dontcha think?

Commentary by rancher Ed Ashurst, who lives in the area, was just released May 15 giving a heartfelt account of what has – and is – taking place in southeast Arizona: There Are No Cool Heads In Portal.   There is nothing quite like having a firsthand account from those on the front line in the immigration battle.

The winds have been strong throughout this spring season which does not help the situation in the Chiricahuas. It also does not help when a sitting president of the United States decides to fan the flames more by kicking dust in the faces of all those directly affected by a border situation he has facilitated.

Many citizens in Portal, AZ, which lies east of the Chiricahuas, had to evacuate their homes last week. Some were in shelters, others with friends when they heard the president mock the border situation and so callously joke about moats and alligators. What was equally distressing were the zombies who laughed in response giving Obama a sense of superiority for fifteen minutes.

It is rather surreal when the Daily Mail in the UK goes more in depth with the Arizona wildfire/border problem and president’s remarks than local media other than to acknowledge the fire was ‘human caused’. To local media’s credit, when citizens have been interviewed on television telling the reporters that illegals started the fire in the Chiricahua Mountains, no one tries to refute them. This particular fire has already been traced to a handful of illegals. The truth is, illegals have been responsible for several fires in the area which have become more frequent in recent years.

As the Daily Mail points out, the citizens of Portal, AZ have drafted a petition to be sent to the White House. In it, they address the reality of life along the border:

“Over the years, as our homes have been burgled or invaded, our fences, water lines and windows repeatedly broken, our businesses driven toward bankruptcy, our natural surroundings desecrated by trash and fire, and our lives even obliterated, it has amazed us how little note is taken of these tragedies by our government and the press…

Why were federal agents not posted along this route in anticipation of a repeat of last year’s calamity?

Better still, why were the illegals not captured before they had travelled 50 miles north of the border?

… in the eyes of our government, do we just reside in a “sacrifice zone”?’

The Daily Mail even covered a statement by Sheriff Larry Dever on the matter. Sheriff Dever recently spoke up regarding the federal government tying the hands of border patrol on arrests they make at the border. Rather interesting the UK would seek out this small ranching community and the sheriff, but I am thankful to see the word is getting out. As of May 17, Smart Girl Politics and Arizona Tea Party are also on board in getting the word out across the state and in signing the petition:  Support Arizona Horseshoe Fire Resident\’s Petition to President Obama.

I have rancher friends who live along the border. One friend alerted us that she and her husband left their home for two hours returning to find their prize steer had been shot dead on their property. Another friend spoke about hearing the water being turned on outside of his home during the night and being too frightened to go outside to turn it off until daylight. It is a story often repeated as illegals usually travel at night  trespassing on property and turning on hoses to get a drink only to leave it running.  Perhaps the federal government can start posting signs on the property of ranchers (like they do in Coronado National Park & Buenos Aires Wildlife Reserve)  alerting them to illegals who may be on their property while also kindly asking illegals to turn off the hose when they are done to spare the landowner further expense. Maybe that sign can be posted next to a government-provided container on the property encouraging our uninvited guests to pick up after themselves. There should probably be an instructional guide affixed to the container demonstrating our desire to keep the environment clean so it does not look like Nogales, Sonora.  

So while Obama mocks the border situation, it is time we deliver a harsh dose of reality:  Obama is responsible for drug and human trafficking in the United States. He and his administration, along with Amnesty sympathizers in office & the media, are responsible for acts of harm and horror upon the American citizens and also for the people being smuggled in by coyotes/cartels.

Many people paying coyotes to guide them into the United States are not aware they will be tortured and raped for ransom. They have been led to believe they will have citizenship, a home and a good job. That’s what they have been promised! Sometimes, the victim is beaten or raped while family over the border are forced to listen on the phone. Often times, those kidnapped are tortured to death if their families cannot pay, or they are sold for sex. There are literally thousands of drophouses in Arizona where human trafficking is becoming the number one crime. Women and children are the most frequent victims. 

I have to wonder what Obama finds so humorous about this situation. It should be cause for great concern when our president is so utterly disturbed and disconnected that he can comfortably mock people in danger and make light of a grave matter. It’s the sign of a severe mental problem. Since he declares the border is more secure than ever and denies the serious nature of the invasion occurring everyday, how is he different from any number of thugs in the world who deny the Holocaust or the human suffering imposed on their own people?  How many lives must be damaged or destroyed  in order for the current invasion to be taken seriously – or to get a psyche evaluation for the president?


The more I think about it, the more I totally welcome the idea of a moat with alligators at the border. Not a bad idea. Not bad at all.


Please read the full article from The Daily Mail: Obama slammed over jokes about ‘moats’ and ‘alligators’ in immigration speech…by border residents forced to leave home.

*I just ran across this gem from 2008 which also mentions rancher Ed Ashurst and describes the daily horror faced by our citizens along the border and many miles beyond.  I can guarantee the situation has not improved in 2011:  The Chiricahua Cooridor


Chiricahua Mountains


Burro Springs dumped on by illegals

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  1. LucyLadley says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated about Arizona. Our hearts & prayers are with your beautiful state & it’s people!

  2. Arizonajen says:

    Smart Girl Politics will be tacking this issue head on to support the border residents that our federal government has turned their back on. Stay tuned…

  3. Cernunnos81 says:

    I am unsurprised by the lack of coverage of the situation in the area. The government and media wish to portray illegals as ordinary, everyday people just like the citizens that they cause problems for.

    If they were to tell people what really goes on along the border they would have so many people clamouring for solutions that they’d never get their amnesty bills passed to get their mass of new slave-voters to keep them in office so that they can continue to destroy this evil empire we occupy.

    Just my opinion.

  4. SoCalGal says:

    I too thought the moat was a great idea. I guess Obama has actually had one great idea so far.

    I really feel for all of you in Arizona, but I’m afraid nothing will happen to protect you while we have this guy in office, just like President Bush and other RINOS did nothing to protect your citizens and state while in office. It infuriates me at the lack of caring or sensitivity that this administration shows towards Arizona citizens. This president is a cold, cold man; I don’t think he has a heart. Oh I’m wrong. He has a heart for illegal Mexicans and Muslims.

    I’m sorry about the fire that is raging. It looks so beautiful there. I love Arizona.

  5. SoCalGal says:

    Oh, by the way Artgal, do you know where I can find the website to donate towards the bridge that AZ wants to build. I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I want to pass it on to my friends.

    Thank you

    • Artgal says:

      Hi SoCalGal – I posted an update above with the info you requested, but it’s for the new fence Brewer approved, not a bridge. The last thing we need is a bridge across right now 😉

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