Agree completely. Especially after this truly insane proposal by the Obama regime, they must walk away. Yes, Obama expects them to cave because they’ve been panicking like scared little babies and Boehner telegraphed his subservience almost immediately after the election, but it’s never too late to grow a spine and do the right thing.


Senator Jeff Sessions: Obama’s ‘Plan’ a ‘Fabrication’

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  1. Maynard says:

    I’m not sure it would be wise. But in part I’m thinking it would do us good to go over that fiscal cliff, just for a taste of what happens when circumstances force us to live within our means. We’ve lived beyond our means for far too long; the day of reckoning is coming upon us fast. The longer we put it off, the worse it will be.

  2. xcept4alltheothers says:

    Obama is bypassing the media to go directly to the people. Let’s do the same: As Jeff Sessions has said, negotiate in public, then we can judge for ourselves who is serving the United States and who is serving himself.

    • Samster1 says:

      Obama is using the media to go directly to the people, and the media complies only with the dems. The republicans don’t have that option. However, I wish that Boehner would point out that the majority of people also want spending cuts on real “entitlements” and no one sided deal will be made.

  3. Piratin says:

    Did I miss something? Why am I hearing Tammy on stations (multiple) with commercials?

    • Tammy says:

      LOL! Yes, you did 🙂 I’ve been guest hosting the slot that was formerly Laura’s Ingraham’s radio show, so you’re hearing that program. Commercials are irritating, aren’t they!

      • makeshifty says:

        Your announcement worried me for a moment. Yes, Laura Ingraham has left Talk Radio Network, but she says she is not leaving talk radio altogether, just “retooling,” and that her show will come back in some other form, presumably on some other network. Whew!

      • Piratin says:

        Hey, Tammy! *wave*

        The commercials cramp your style a bit. You can’t rant without pause!

        But what I really miss is you calling 0 the “dumb b*st*rd”!!!!!!!


  4. Piratin says:

    Republicans ought to call for ALL OF CONGRESS to take 10% pay cuts and all federal employees take 5% cuts and lead by example. They should also DEMAND that the Obamas pay for their own vacays, or AT THE VERY LEAST call attention to the waste of taxpayer money!! And DEMAND that Michelle cut her number of attendees down to a normal # AND return their salaries to their Obama admin entry pay.

    Just starters…

    • Maynard says:

      Cutting Congressional pay wouldn’t accomplish much. I’ve got a far better idea. The bill I propose would mandate that, for every billion dollars of borrowing, every lawmaker gets a ping-pong ball shoved up his ass. This of course would be spread out over a year; for example, if there’s a trillion dollar deficit, then those sons of bitches get 3 ping pong balls injected every day. Of course the ping pong balls would be sterilized and professionally administered; we would hold the process to the highest of standards, and probably even televise it (I’m thinking pay-per-view) just to prove there have been no shenanigans. I think we might have to augment the treatment somewhat for members like Barney Frank, who already take the ping pong ball treatment recreationally.

      Hey, I’m not kidding on this. For all the stupid ideas being floated, this is the only one that has a snowball’s chance in hell of being effective.

      • Piratin says:

        “…for every billion dollars of borrowing, every lawmaker gets a ping-pong ball shoved up his ass.”

        Maynard, that must be your Buddhist nature showing! ; )

        Seriously, they’d probably get off on that. If shoved. If “injected” maybe not so much.

        Good grief! See where you got me going on this?!

        : O

      • sandyl says:

        LOVE IT! I would make a small change tho — instead of for every billion, we change that to every million, because I am that pissed at these a- holes

  5. Alain41 says:

    I can’t recall – how did this Fiscal Cliff thing get passed ? Was it part of the last, Increase the Debt Limit Deal ? Eg, part of that great Boehner deal where he reduced spending by a whopping $700 million. I do remember when it was passed – my response then was; Heck No, who are the idiots who think that will work ? And of course it is not working.

    This is where the idiot Republicans are losing due to group think. The group thinkers must have thought that the FC would be so bad that it would set the bar for the worst outcome. Guess what establishment Repubs. – Obama didn’t see the FC as the ceiling, he saw it as the starting floor bid. Idiots!

  6. Alain41 says:

    Great NRO column on how Democrats are reacting financially to the Fiscal Cliff potential. One hint: The FC is thought to be the reason why G. Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney.

    “…Democrats suddenly are in love with Costco…a fawning New York Times profile…“Costco CEO pays his employees $17/hr on average, plus benefits, earns less than $500K, refuses Wall Street demands to cut employee salaries and benefits.” Almost none of that is true, of course…Costco is set to pay out some $3 billion in a special year-end dividend this year to evade a January tax hike… Institutional investors such as Berkshire Hathaway and the Gates Foundation will bring in many millions… It is widely assumed that George Lucas had the fiscal cliff in mind when he sold Lucasfilm to Disney — by closing the deal this year, he’ll save some $400 million in taxes.

    When conservatives talk about “uncertainty,” this is precisely what we mean. We have Costco and Warren Buffett and George Lucas jumping through all sorts of hoops because nobody knows what exactly is going to happen with taxes in the next month or two. They are dedicating their energy to anticipating and reacting to politics, rather than to improving their retail operations,…”

  7. Alain41 says:

    Is Mona Charen a Tammy Bruce listener? Her latest column calling for Boehner and McConnell to do serious public discussion on financial situation, references Mad Max. She presents example of Calif. town and Greece to support point.

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