Outrageous. Whoever did this needs to be in jail. And you don’t need to be a Trump supporter to love this guy’s spirit! The good news is someone got the license plate number and the police know who the perps are. Do click through for the whole story.

Via Daily Caller.

A 66-year-old volunteer for Donald Trump’s presidential effort in Florida says he was assaulted after catching two young men try to steal his campaign signs at an early voting site in Orlando this week.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, retired volunteer Louis Valls said he spent Monday helping the Trump campaign at the South Creek Library, where voters are casting early ballots ahead of the state’s March 15 primary.

At about 4 p.m. on Feb. 29, Valls said two men came out of the library and began pulling his Trump campaign signs out of the ground. Valls said he approached the duo, but was pushed down.

“One of them kind of body-slammed me to the ground…I fell on my face, in grass, on my stomach,” he said.

After standing back up, Valls said he strained a muscle in his leg and fell again — this time on the sidewalk — scraping both hands and his chin.

“They didn’t say anything political,” Valls said. “They just started pulling signs. And laughed and laughed. Especially when I fell on the sidewalk.”

He said the two men jumped into a car, driven by someone else, and sped off.

Valls said an ambulance and law enforcement officers showed up shortly after they left. “Now I realize they didn’t even take the signs,” he said. “They dumped them before they even got too far. So I did get my signs back.”

Yeah, he’s hurt but he’s happy he got his signs back. Gotta love it!


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