Here’s a snippet of Tammy’s segment on Varney & co. today. Here’s their description on Facebook:

TERROR WARNING IGNORED: a gun store owner said he tried warning the FBI about the Orlando terrorist months ago. Tammy Bruce thinks political correctness is KILLING us.


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  1. Maynard says:

    Whatever Trump’s merits or demerits may be, the big hulking elephant in the room is that Trump got this right — Islamic terrorism, deliberately imported and then deliberately ignored — and Obama got it dead wrong – guns and generic “extremists”, with the emphasis on the heartland and its traditional culture. And this is so blatantly, undeniably obvious that the Democrats are pulling the old political trick of not only not yielding an inch, but actually doubling down on the catastrophe they’ve imposed on the rest of us. It’s the Big Lie endlessly enlarged, because politicians know that people more readily believe a big lie than a small lie. In a sane world, Donald Trump just won the election and Hillary is revealed as the toxic incompetent that she is. That Hillary is working to turn the great American suicide to her personal advantage, and she stands a good chance of pulling it off…well, this is terrifying stuff indeed.

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