There is only one way to cut a bagel… Only. One.

The ex-manager of the bakery chain says St. Louis-style bagels started as ‘an accident.’

This is not an accident. It is a crime!

Via Times of Israel.

The bread-sliced bagel was an accident.

That’s what the former co-owner of Panera, Doron Berger, told me Thursday night. We talked on the phone more than 24 hours after a tweet of a few bagels, sliced like bread loaves, struck the internet like a nightmare and sparked a thousand hot takes.

Twitter users famous and obscure lambasted Alek Krautman, a St. Louis native, for suggesting there is more than one way to slice a bagel….

Here’s how Berger defends the bagel blasphemy: Panera introduced bagels in the early to mid-1990s, he said. To entice customers, the restaurants would put bagel samples out on the counter, sliced thinly (like bread) so that customers could have a small taste.

But Berger said customers got into the idea of thin bagel slices, and began asking for their bagels to be cut that way and overlaid with a slice of cheese. And so the bread-sliced bagel was born….

But Twitter had a few things to say about this:

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  1. Dr. H says:

    The next bagel craze is obvious. Remove the outer crust. Peel me a grape? Naw! Peel me a bagel!

  2. Alain41 says:

    I like bread sliced bagels. I’m just hesitant to be on the same side of this discussion as Kraut_Man.

  3. Chuck says:

    Aren’t bagel chips cut the same way? Just curious.

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