A very concise headline from CNS describing the absurdity of what the GOP is doing, all gestures while doing the opposite when it comes to actual action. And we wonder why we’re in such trouble.

Via CNS News.

One week after voting to give the Obama administration full funding for the implementation of Obamacare in the must-pass continuing resolution that will fund the federal government for the rest of fiscal 2013, the House Republicans are once again vowing to symbolically repeal Obamacare in legislation that is not must-pass.

“We don’t like this law,” House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said of Obamacare as he unveiled his budget for fiscal year 2014 at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday. “This is why we’re proposing to repeal this law in our budget.”

“This to us is something that we’re not going to give up on,” Ryan said, explaining that Obamcare–that goes into full effect in just nine months–“will do great damage to families and the health care system of America.”

House Republicans have symbolically voted to repeal Obamacare more than 30 times in legislation that does not need to pass. However, every time they have enacted legislation that must-pass to keep the government funded, they have declined to include language that would repeal all or any part of Obamacare or that would withhold funding for all or any part of Obamacare.

Last week, as CNSNews.com previously reported, when the Republican-controlled House took up the $982-billion continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through September, the legislation did include language prohibiting the administration from buying foreign-made ball bearings but it did not include language limiting the implementation of Obamacare.

The CR, for example, did not include language to prevent the administration from moving forward with a regulation that requires health-care plans to provide cost-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs–a regulation that dozens of Christian organizations and businesses have sued the federal government to stop, arguing that it violates their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.

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  1. Kitten says:

    The house GOP has failed us, miserably. All this gesturing and spinning on TV, strutting around like peacocks as if they’ve done ANYthing. I’m sick and tired of seeing their faces on TV spewing the same line about how “The President needs to take the lead on this”, or “We need to find a balanced approach to solving our debt problem”, or “We passed a budget that the Senate won’t vote on”, blah, blah, blah. And yet, they pass the CR that not only funds OBummerCare, but leaves in the provision requiring health-care providers to pay for contraceptives and such, against the First Amendment rights of Christian organizations and businesses. We have no budget for a kazillion days (in direct violation of the Constitution). Where’s the filibuster on that?? Almost two and a half years and we got nothing from these people.

    I say we have massive firings next year and bring in the next crop…I’m not feeling well today, my resistance is low and my patience is thin. Can we just get rid of ’em already?

  2. strider says:

    The goal should be for a surplus attained rapidly. We have the resources and ability. Going for “balance” with unbalanced leaders seems unrealistic. Vote them out.

  3. Dave says:

    This is the leadership that God has allowed to rise in this country because we have chosen to expell Him from our public discourse in all of our institutions. God and His principles are ignored or perverted by our leadership. Why would anyone expect them to do anything that would make sense?

    • Samster1 says:

      I really feel in the pit of my stomach (like Kitten?) that we are witnessing the death of our country. It’s happening very fast and seems accelerated since the DB’s reelection.

      I used to think that the worst thing that the republicans could have done was to re-elect Boehner as speaker of the house. Now I see that it probably wouldn’t have made a difference??

  4. Alain41 says:

    And in Germany budget news:

    “…German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet of Christian Democrats and liberal Free Democrats on Wednesday approved a draft plan aimed at the fastest possible reduction in the nation’s debt….the strong performance of the German economy and its labor market had helped to boost tax revenue and produce a solid fiscal basis for the country. The increased tax income has not been used to increase spending,…”


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