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  1. IloiloKano says:

    For those who think I am “whining”…

    Bwaaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    For clueless Liberals, the above is maniacal LAUGHTER!

  2. trevy says:

    I’m sorry that racoon is considered to be as bad as Duh One, and Jimmy Carter, and Al Gore, and Yassir Arafat.

  3. RuBegonia says:

    POTUS and Sally Field will share a beer over their joint quote: ” I can’t deny the fact that you like me . . . right now . . . you like me.” More COGNITIVE DISSONANCE which saddens – Pulitzer Prize, Oscars , Miss America, PeeWee Herman, Nobel Peace Prize…and on and on. Best to laugh instead of cry and try again.

  4. lord-ruler says:

    Like someone said on twitter said. “This will give us all hope that someday one of us will win the Pulitzer prize for our twitter feed”

  5. MRFIXIT says:

    I think the Nobel Prize Committee, is actually the board of Time Magazine. You know, the magazine that named Adolf Hitler the man of the year in the thirties, and went on to name him the most influential man of the 20th century. I’m just glad taxpayers aren’t shelling out the prize money. The Nobel Prize has become the political joke of the year, every year.

  6. eMVeeH says:

    Tammy, you’re probably right. If Obama were a decent human being he would have rejected the Nobel. But as you have said many times, the man is not only a narcissist, but a malignant narcissist. So even though he is well aware that he doesn’t deserve the Nobel [he even admitted that others are more deserving]… he’ll take it, anyway. [Yeah, cause the prize means that he must be at the forefront of some sort of world mandate].

    I heard a guy say this morning something that is so outrageous that I can’t find the adjective to describe the horror I was feeling at his words. The man said that it wouldn’t surprise him if it turns out that Obumbler and his sicko-phants knew that Obama was being considered for the Nobel Prize. But so that his chances of getting it are not ruined, he held off sending troops to Afghanistan. It is the Nobel Peace Prize, after all.

    I guess maybe We The People shouldn’t be surprised, either.

  7. Count Crash says:

    Do you think that they will invite Kenye West to the award ceremony? If there ever was a time for Kenye west to do what he did, over a music video, for something that would make a deep and powerful statement, now would the time to speak up Kenye……. Kenye ……. hello, Kenye? Are you there? HEY KENYE, wake up, destiny is calling you!!!!! Guess it was just a race thing and, the fact that a man, with little honor, who should realize that he does not deserve this award is going to accept it anyway should tell us all in a loud booming voice just what type of jackle our president is.

  8. LauraVW says:

    I didn’t know the Nobel Prize Committee is a subsidiary of Acorn International.

  9. Lilly says:

    The UN & Nobel. Absolutely worthless.

  10. Shawmut says:

    Must be season of exchanging gifts. Seems that only a couple of weeks ago Mary Robinson got an American bauble for her efforts in promoting the anti-semitic UN Human Rights band.
    Maybe it’s time to look at who makes up the Nobel Prize Committee.
    Now we have a symbolic president who has ever reason in the World (well at lleast in Oslo) to “work with the Taliban” (burqa’s made in Kenya) toward a peaceful (not just) solution in Afghanistan, and to call a “time out” for our soldiers everywhere to the praise of San Franciscans and Code Pinkers.
    (I’ve had broken bones, fevers, flu’s and I’m HIV+, but I’ve never felt as sick in heart and soul as I did this morning awaking to the news that many couragious people in history had in a secret vote in Oslo, been reduced to common; as this bauble to Obama has ranked them. {If you get my drift}.)

  11. k.nelson5047 says:

    Lest we not forget Kofi Annan for his wonderful work on the oil for food program!

  12. mlkgrgs says:

    My question is WHO NOMINATED THAT SLEAZE.?

    • BarbaraM says:

      Are the nominations made public?

      The statutes of the Nobel Foundation restrict disclosure of information about the nominations, whether publicly or privately, for 50 years. The restriction concerns the nominees and nominators, as well as investigations and opinions related to the award of a prize.

  13. CO2aintpoison says:

    Hey everybody…CVS is offering $100 gift cards if you come in and get the flu shot! Yay..NOT. Excuse me, but am I now to believe that our government – well, the freaks in control anyhow – are now BRIBING us to take the freaking Rosie-shot? Maybe it’s just me, but does that seem a bit desperate to anyone, if not down right creepy?? So….with our tax dollars, we pay off the phramas to make this concoction of toxins, then – horrors, everyone isn’t panicking and there aren’t lines around the block for this crap – so MORE of our tax money is used to uh….coerce (cuz I think prob’ly bribing is illegal or something) us to get our arms stuck. Well, I just say FU to that bullscheister. Good God you guys!

  14. Pat_S says:

    I think the Oslo skit highlighting Obama’s lack of accomplishments is funnier than SNL.

  15. 1elder1 says:

    Pat_S lol I heard on TV the booos from the moment Urk’s name was announced as Winner…
    OH MY Word

  16. IslandLibertarian says:

    Is it really a surprise that “0” (pronounced zero) gets an award in an age where every child gets a trophy so as not to damage any ones self esteem?
    It’s the “Progressive” thing to do.

  17. AnotherTweet says:

    Kind of an insult to raccoons everywhere…..

  18. ChrisL says:

    Peace in our time has been enhanced tremendously due to my 4 year old’s selfless efforts at wiping himself without arguing with Mommy. In light of this timely and significant accomplishment, I hereby nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize. Please lend your support and send as many boxes of candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize as you can sacrifice. Peace be upon you.

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  20. Alan Kellogg says:

    OT, but how much paperwork did Rocky have to go through in order to adopt you?

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