**UPDATE: Response from Sarah Palin at end of post**From the blog of the Smart Girl Politics Texas Coordinator, the following article contains a list of advertisers on Wonkette, the site responsible for the disgusting attack on Trig Palin:  Speak Up For Those Who Can’t Speak Up For Themselves

Let these advertisers know the situation (some were unaware) and as always, be sweet as pie when you email or call 🙂

UPDATE: If you are on Twitter, from @_starstar here’s the Twitter contact list for advertisers


Natl Journal: Derek Hunter Attempts to Defund Wonkette by Boycott

Daily Caller: Wonkette stoops to new low, mocks Trig Palin for mental disability

Ad Age: Papa John’s, Huggies Pull Ads From Wonkette After Palin Post

H/T to Jennifer Leslie on SGP info

UPDATE from Tammy:

Sarah Palin tweeted this yesterday in response to #TrigsCrew on Twitter:

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  1. Arizonajen says:

    Bravo Tams! Swift response! I am sure the Wonkettes’ heads are spinning. Fools.

  2. Artgal says:

    Dana Loesch came up with a great idea to support Huggies. She pointed out that diapers are expensive and suggested we all buy boxes of Huggies to donate to maternity shelters. This is a BRILLIANT idea!

    I will make an additional suggestion that we buy pizza from Papa Johns, too ; )

  3. Arizonajen says:

    “Layne also sarcastically noted that giving Stuef comment deletion duties was fair punishment because “he gets to read all the Palin fans’ insane unmoderated comments calling him an asshole and threatening to kill him.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/04/20/wonkette-stoops-to-new-low-mocks-trig-palin-for-mental-disability/#ixzz1K81JdVWc

    Seriously???? The only death threats are coming from the left. These people are delustional!

  4. skunky says:

    These Liberals are rotten to the core.

    No wonder why former Liberals like TB and I left the LEFT. I know for
    me I was absolutely disgusted by their hypocrisy. Once I left, I found out
    everything they supposedly stood for was lies.

    I am so sickened by them all. What a disgrace they all are!!

  5. aggedor says:

    TAMs and others are on the case–and it’s working.

  6. Person123 says:

    This is off topic, but I just had this idea and wanted to float it. There are groups that rate Congressmen and Representatives according to their conservatism, based on their respective voting records. I am curious as to the overall rating of the Republican Party. It would be interesting to see the statistical correlation between party and voting record. If anyone has some statistical software, it could be interesting.

  7. niner says:

    We can thank our fraudulent Commie in the White House for this kind of despicable behavior. This jug eared punk has encouraged all this Saul Alinsky action, from Wisconsin to Trig. “Game on” as Sarah said, we have to be pro-active like never before or we wont have a country left. This lying bastard and his minions are like locusts, they go from issue to another to reform and change the Nation, like never before and they must be stopped!

  8. BostonBruin says:

    Hmmm … and at the same time liberals attack Paul Ryan because he received survivor benefits when his father died when he was 16. There is a pattern here. Perhaps there is fear that Madame 45 will implement Ryan’s roadmap. The Death Star is about to explode in 565 days!

  9. radargeek says:

    Isn’t it exactly like a demprog to pick on the defenseless? AGAIN, another myth of the left: they fight for the weak. Hypodemacraticprogs! Lying bastards ALL!

  10. Tinker says:

    Good for Huggies and Papa John’s! And I just wanted to recommend a book– “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards. Given to me by a friend, it really made an impact. I’d never given much thought to Down Syndrome kids before, but now because of Phoebe, the Down Syndrome girl in the book, my heart just goes soft when I see one of these special kids. God’s special kids; like a piece of Heaven because they remain untouched by all the awful things of this world. Trig will never probably experience the evil thoughts and feelings that the wonkette monsters do every day of their life. So he’ll always be a refreshment to all those around him. What a blessing.

  11. trevy says:

    My 7 year old son, Hunter, is autistic. So, as the father of a special-needs child I say:


    Sure, they can be trying to raise, but they are still a Blessing from God.

  12. JEN says:

    Just wanted to say Gov.Palin is George Wahington,Lady Thatcher,Joan of Arc,and all those rolled into one person.theres goig to be a sunami like nothing the country has ever seen.There is no doubt at least in my mind that its ben her straight up no chaser ever since Mcain lost in 08.thats when she actually started her campaign.Yes she is the Mama Grizzly.I look foward to the future as never before.

  13. dennisl59 says:

    As for me, I’d like to ask the PARENTS of the Losers, Knuckleheads, Slimeballs, Lowlifes, and Degenerates that had the nerve to insult ANY handicapped or disabled child if they are proud of themselves for raising these uncivilized heathens with no conscience, empathy or humanity. The Sharp Elbow of Karma will get ’em, maybe not today, next week or month, but one day they’ll get theirs, God Willin’.

  14. tabbywabby says:

    I am thrilled to see that Wonkette seems to have very few ads still running on their site!

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